Storck Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer Tubular Wheelset

It should really come as no surprise that two of Germany's incredibly talented carbon fiber engineering teams joined forces and designed a wheelset that sits in a class all its own. With both Markus Storck and Heinz Obermayer driving the collaboration, the resulting Meilenstein Obermayer Tubular Wheelset proves exactly what is possible when the limits of carbon and composite technologies are nudged a little further than previously thought possible. The 975g complete weight speaks volumes, but even more impressive are the quality standards and attention to overall design detail the team accomplishes with every set that comes out of the Friedrichshafen facility. When only the best will do, the Meilenstein Obermayers perfectly fit the bill. For good reason, Heinz Obermayer is often called the "Godfather of Lightweight." The iconic brand was born in a German tractor garage, where the passion of Obermayer and his engineering partner ultimately led to a wheel system that synthesized low weight and exceptional stiffness in a complete handmade package. Lightweight wheels quickly gained traction, being adopted by professional riders in the world's most demanding races due to their exceptional low weight, stiffness, and overall ride quality. Since their inception in the late '80s, Lightweight's collection of wheels has continued receive the nod as the go-to brand for those seeking the best handmade carbon wheels available. The new Meilenstein stands in as the lightest wheelset in the coveted Obermayer collection. Versions of this wheel have proven themselves in both the Tour and Giro, as the 53mm depth continues to be one of the most versatile wheel profiles for both hilly and flat race stages.

  • Rear Spoke Count: 20
  • Rear Hub: carbon shell DT Swiss 190 Ceramic
  • Brake Compatibility: rim brake
  • Material: [rim] carbon fiber, [spokes] carbon fiber, [hub shells] carbon fiber
  • Rim Depth: 53 mm