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3 Most Affordable Mountain Bikes

Jumping into the purchase of a mountain bike is an investment. Not only does it require a lump sum of cash to enter the hobby at all, it also designates what sort of an... Read More


Ellan Noble not only one the USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships but also Babe of the Week at  Congrates Ellan on this amazing double accomplishment.  


Bowie with a bike.

David Bowie may never have ridden a bike in his life and certainly hasn't promoted cycling in any meaningful way, but I'm a huge fan and the biketube would like to take this chance to... Read More

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The Belter 16 by Earlyrider Bikes

The Belter 16 by Earlyrider bikes is hands down the best kids bike I have ever come accross.  I wouldn't usually claim that a bike is the best of its kind.  There are... Read More

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Surly Pugsley with Chains

In honor of the winter season descending upon us, the "Bike of the Week" is a chained out Surly Pugsley.  These 2 Chainz will surly last long than career of similarly named rapper... Read More

Not my bike of choice for winter riding but without a doubt she is embodying the spirit of the season.  I think if we all make a new years resolution to look this stylish while riding in 2016 it will work wonders for the... Read More

Santa is the obvious pick for Bro of the Week.   Santa delivered gifts to upwards of 7 Billion people last Thrusday night but still managed to squeeze in a quaint snowy ride through the woods with some friends.  Nice to see the... Read More

The Wiggle Bike Route, San Francisco

In any city there's an unending battle between motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, who all think the others are a complete nuisance. In San Francisco that... Read More


When you have 4 billion dollars from selling bottles of flavored caffeine you probably feel a little guilty.  Thankfully the creator of 5 hour energy, Manoj Bhargava, puts that guilt to good use. He's commited to giving away... Read More


When on the road, whether it’s for a competition or for transportation of your bike for personal recreation in a new place, you are going to need a case. Bike travel cases come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but the one thing that unites them... Read More

Mountain Bike company Crank Brothers released this awesome video of Italian rider Vittorio Brumotti shredding around southern California on a road bike. 

It's pretty cool to see what he can pull off with a bag of tricks full... Read More

In San Francisco

This fully loaded touring bike with rider was spotted in alamo square park in San Francisco. She started in Oregon and plans on riding to Baja in Mexico, which makes sense giving all she is... Read More

for you and a special someone

An awesome bike I'm actually surprised I haven't seen out on the road more often. I guess it doesn't fit in bike lanes too well and probably created traffic by taking up too much... Read More

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker, who runs a pretty cool youtube channel. Over the last couple months, he has been making a vlog video everyday which documents his life in New York City making films and raising a baby. Also featured in a lot of... Read More

Cool photo I scoped over at You Go Girl, a pretty awesome blog showing women on bikes without objectifying them. This photo comes with a touch of nostalgia. I know the feeling of being out on a ride in a new area, without a lock,... Read More

Firefly Bicycles

Caught eye of this sweet ride on forums. This bike is ready to go for winter with huge Schwalbe Super Moto tires on Enve rims. The frame looks like the titanium road frame from... Read More

The Midget Bushtrekka

Pretty sweet piece of equiptment that will certainly make packing up in the morning on a tour a breeze. This is the Midget Bushtrekka bicycle camper by kamp-rite, a company specializing in... Read More

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Cyclocross Babe

Awesome photo captured out on the cyclocross track on a pretty muddy day. This cyclist, I believe, is BrittLee Bowman, who rides for Richard Sachs Cycles' cyclocross team. Richard Sachs is... Read More

King Murray

The only thing cooler than Bill Murray is Bill Murray on a bike. I'm always happy to see pictures of famous people on a bike because I find their choice of bike to be interesting. A cruiser,... Read More

Vanilla Townie

The Vanilla Townie is an awesome commuter bike made by Vanilla Cycles. Every Vanilla Cycles bike is handmade and designed by framebuilder Sacha White. Every bike is one of a kind, which... Read More

Hopefully me in 40 years

Caught sight of this guy while scrolling through a photo essay about the secret side of Milan. This guy is who I strive to be in about 40 years: stylish, suave, and still on a bike.... Read More

NYC Bike Babe

Peeped this bike babe over on Preferred Mode, a site run by photographer and avid cyclist Sam Polcer, who shoots awesome pictures of the bike scene in New York. This bike babe's name is... Read More

Road Popper Bottle Opener

If two things in the world go better together than bike rides and beer, then there are some really awesome things in the world I don't know about yet. This bottle opener that can be... Read More

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Field Bikes Custom Road Bike

Awesome custom road bike build by Field Cycles. Field Cycles is a shop out of the UK that handmakes bikes from the bottom up. All their work is beautiful, but I'm particularly into... Read More

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Pink Tommasini Single Speed Bike

As I was walking in San Francisco the other day my eyes rested upon this beautiful steed.  God damn that is one sexy italian single speed.  It's a hot pink Tommasini... Read More