BOTW: Surly Pugsley 2 CHAINZ Edition

Surley Pugsley with Chains

Surly Pugsley with Chains

In honor of the winter season descending upon us, the "Bike of the Week" is a chained out Surly Pugsley.  These 2 Chainz will surly last long than career of similarly named rapper artist.  Surly pioneered fat tire riding and the Pugsley is one of their flagship rides.

Fat tire riding is a big hit in the snow covered regions of the world where roadies and mountain bikers alike have taken to snow packed trails with these bad boys in the previously unrideable winter months.  Off season?  No way bro.

From Surly: Many moons ago we began producing the Pugsley because we wanted to ride a bike that could be ridden where other bikes simply faltered. In order to do that we figured this bicycle needed to have floatation and traction the likes of which have never before been seen. Pugsley is our brilliant solution to this -and it seems to work. This bike rolls through all the sloppiest slop around.

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