The Ultimate First Kids Bike.

The Belter 16 by Earlyrider Bikes

The Belter 16 by Earlyrider bikes is hands down the best kids bike I have ever come accross.  I wouldn't usually claim that a bike is the best of its kind.  There are so many factors that go into deciding what is the best bike for a particular person for a particular use.  The world of adult bikes is an overwhelming one.  There are a debilitating amount of choices to make when deciding what to buy.  Choice in the world of kids bikes on the other hand is a short road to a dead end. Huffy and Schwinn have spent years flooding the kids bike market with bike like objects that would be better off going directly to the landfill.  Only recently there is a surge of new options in this category. Specialized has put out some decent bikes that appear to be ride-able but are still heavier by almost 3 lbs than the svelte Belter and its nearest competitor.  Isalbikes deserves a mention in this post coming in at a close second for best kids bike.  At $100 bucks less than the Belter it may even be the bike you end up buying between the two, but price aside the belter takes the cake on sheer quality.  

Earlyrider bikes has proven their dedication to creating bikes that kids love to ride with there awesome selection of lightweight balance bikes. They have brought there understanding of body position and geometry to create a pedal bike that matches their passion.  The lightweight frame and belt drive are really what sets the bike apart from the others.  At only 12.4 lbs its responsive, clean and quite.  Its easy to adjust the tension of the belt which only needs to be done occasionally.   All the components are sized down appropriately. My sons hands easily reach and operate the break levers. The crank is an eye catching aluminum that clearly received the finest attention to detail.  No massive bottom bracket or creaky steal crank arms thrown onto a tiny frame.   The 16in wheels provide a perfect size starter bike for most kids graduating from a balance bike as my son recently did.   Kids on the smaller side may benefit from a smaller bike but I would just keep them on the balance bike a bit longer before moving them up to pedals.  

Both my kids will use this as there first pedal bike, and then it will go on to other family members or friends as needed.  Given the quality of the Belter 16 there is no reason this bike couldn't be used by my grandchildren's kids one day.  If you take that fact into account the price is a steal.