SRAM Red Ergo Dynamic Shifters

In designing the Red Ergo Dynamic Shifters, SRAM focused its research and development on perfecting their shape, texture, and materials. SRAM retained the internals of the first generation Red DoubleTap levers, and brought laser-like focus to ergonomics. The new ErgoFit bodies are somewhat smaller in diameter when compared side-to-side with the old Red. This improves grip and finger wrap by allowing more room under the hood for a control- and comfort-boosting connection. The new shape offers a smooth transition from bar to hood and SRAM covered it with lightly padded, textured rubber to thwart fatigue and enhance grip. They also reshaped the hoods, increasing the size of the bulge up top for increased leverage and comfort when you're stretched out, putting extra pressure on the hoods.Because the internals carry over, or have been slightly modified to fit the new body, the Red Ergo Dynamic levers retain the crisp movement between gears SRAM mastered with the first-generation Red. The key to this is SRAM's ZeroLoss and DoubleTap technologies. DoubleTap technology allows shifting both up and down the cassette from a single lever -- this provides an intuitive connection between body and bike. ZeroLoss is an optimized pawl geometry to provide cable actuation as soon as you apply pressure to the shift lever. This offers the highest-level of smoothness and response in both upshifting and downshifting. ItAAAs especially noticeable as you shift from the small to the big ring. While the guts were good, racer beta and other feedback encouraged SRAM to enhance both the brake lever and shifter paddleAAAs shape and position. The improved, larger carbon shift paddle makes the act of shifting less of an effort. When you're at max power, shifting from the drops can sometimes feel overwhelming. As before, the carbon fiber brake and shift levers are independently reach-adjustable.

  • Brake and shift lever reach adjust
  • More clearance under brake hoods
  • New hood covers for better grip
  • Shift action is highly tactile and mechanical-feeling