Installing and Adjusting Sram Red DoubleTap Shifters


This video will show you how to install and adjust Sram DoubleTap Shifters.

You will need the following tools and supplies: a 2.5 & 5 mm hex wrenches, a torque wrench, a pair of cable cutters, low friction shifter housing, 4 mm ferrules, 5 mm brake housing, and 5 mm ferrules.

To install, slide the doubletap shifter onto the handle bar. Pull the hood cover forward to expose the clamp bolt. Hold the shift lever in the desired position and tighten the clamp bolt with the 4 mm hex.

Use the 4mm Hex to Loosen DoubleTap Shifter Clamp Bolt

Measure a length of brake cable housing that is long enough for the handlebars to rotate without pulling any cable housing from the housing stops.

Install a 5mm ferrule on to each end of the housing.

Pull the brake lever to the handle bar to expose the chamfered hole in the cable holder. Install a brake cable into the chamfered hole. Pull the cable to make sure the cable head is properly seated. Slide the brake housing on to the brake cable and then install the housing into the shift lever. Insert the cable into the cable stop followed by the housing.

Slide Brake Cable through Chemfered Hole in Cable Holder

To install the shift cable and housing, first select the shift cable routing that works best for your handlebar. Measure the shifter housing so it is long enough for the handlebars to rotate without pulling the housing out of the housing stop. Install a 4mm ferrule on to one end of the shifter housing. Insert the shifter cable into the end of the housing that does not have a ferrule. Install the housing into the integrated ferrule on the shift lever. Insert the cable and housing with ferrule into the shifter housing stop.

Choose the Desired Shifter Housing Route for Handlebars

Wrap the handlebar with high quality handlebar tape. Return the hood cover to the original position. The brake and shifters offer easy adjustment to fit any hand size. Use a hex to turn the reach bolts to adjust. You must set the shift lever reach adjust before setting the brake lever reach adjust. Press the shift and brake lever a few times to make sure the two levers do not interfere.