Fulcrum Racing Zero Clincher Road Bicycle Wheelset

Racing Zero Clincher and TubularUnrivaled in the peloton: extraordinary performance and high impact aesthetics make this wheel the point of reference for cyclists.Race after race, Zero wheels have become synonymous with excellence, quality, performance, reliability and victory! The new Oversize flange revolutionises the performance of what was already the class-beating aluminium wheel and raises the bar even higher.The Patented technical solutions, the materials used and the wheel geometries make it the ideal partner for competition. The Racing Zero clinchers are now available in the Bright and Dark Label version.The Racing Zero Tubular are available in the Bright Label version.Racing Zero with Shimano Inc. FW body is compatible with 10 and 11 speed sprockets. The Racing Zero wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Fulcrum(R) technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Fulcrum(R) wheels.

  • Fulcrum's top of the line all aluminum wheelset with differential height extruded rims
  • 26mm tall front rim for aerodynamics and 30mm rear rim for maximum power
  • Carbon/aluminum hubs with Ultra Smooth Bearing ceramic cartridges and aerodynamic aluminum spokes
  • MoMag technology means no spoke holes, so no need for rim tape, saving rotational weight
  • Includes quick release skewers and wheel bag