Fulcrum Racing Zero Clincher Road Bicycle Wheelset Review

Fulcrum wheels have been used to win championships all over the world, and Fulcrum has been working with the top racing teams to make their wheels lighter, stiffer, faster, and smoother.

The spokes on have changed from older Fulcrum wheels; there;s no more propeller like flare at the end, which makes the wheels more aero and a little lighter.

The spoking pattern of the rear wheel is a little different. There are 21 spokes: 7 on the left side and 14 on the right side. This asymmetry means better power transfer, because the spokes have better traction on the 30mm deep rim. The front wheel features 16 regularly laced spokes, and the rim is 24mm.

There is a carbon fiber shelve hub, which houses Campagnolo usb ceramic bearings. These bearings are lighter and more water resistant than stainless steel bearings.

Campagnolo Ultra Smooth Ceramic Bearings

Fulcrum has manipulated the rim to make the wheel lighter and more aero dynamic. There is also an updated lever to secure the wheel to the rim. And lastly, the rims are made with a two way fit system, which means they are compatible with all tires including tubeless.

Hutchinson Tubeless Road Tire

When riding, the wheels are smooth and quiet.