Bike of the Week – Electrolyte Strassenfeger II

Electrolyte Strassenfeger II Electrolyte Strassenfeger II “Strassenfeger” in German means “Street Sweeper.” There are two distinctive features on this bike (three, if you count the paint job): it’s electric and it’s got a one-armed fork, a la Cannondale Lefty. No, it’s not a downhiller. The fork is where they store the 320w motor with the reasoning that it is better protected from the elements.

It’s also got an interesting throwback with the bullhorn handlebars. Something all of you may want to consider if you’ve watched the tutorial on how to give a girl a ride on your handlebars (and get her number…which if you may remember, never happened).

It’s interesting and has got a perky attitude which is why it’s the Bike of the Week.

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