Ritchey Superlogic Carbon C260 Stem

  • Claimed Weight: [110 mm] 125 g
  • Steer Tube Diameter: 1.125 in
  • Bar Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Bar Attachment: 4-bolt clamp, 220deg clamping surface
  • Rise: 6 deg

Single bolts were replaced by two, and then those two moved to the four that brought us up to speed in the world of cycling stems. Well, these clamping interfaces between handlebar and stem have once again been revised, with Ritchey leading the way with its patented new Superlogic Carbon C260 stem. Ritchey took a hard look at the way faceplates traditionally mate with their corresponding stems, and they built a more efficient stem-to-bar interface. It's called the C260, as 260 degrees of the stem wraps around the handlebar. The stem's large clamping area was engineered to distribute stress more evenly through the handlebar, faceplate, stem body, and hardware. Through its testing of the new design, Ritchey found that its 4 X M4 faceplate design drastically reduces stress on the bolts by relying more on the stem itself for distributing load forces. Additionally, at the steerer, a 3-bolt pattern and curved clamp slot reduces weight and steerer tube stress. The Ritchey Superlogic Carbon 260 weighs in at a mere 125g (110mm) and was built with an 84/6 degree angle. It's available in the sizes 90, 100, 110, 120, and 130mm and in the Matte Carbon color.