Groovin in from 1974, Ritchey is a company of high-quality components like bars, forks, stems, along with some wheelsets and other parts. Not bothering with the Miss America competitions, president Tom Ritchey sponsors Project Rwanda, an economic development project for the African country. The company tells us that he sometimes comes up with new designs while out on a ride - in 3 dimensional CAD!


 "We believe state of the art engineering is only useful when it delivers real benefit. Flashy products or the implementation of expensive materials or manufacturing have never been our end goal. That’s why “Logic” has always been the very best word to distinguish Tom’s sophisticated yet sensible approach to component design."

620 Spice Island Dr.
Sparks , NV
United States
39° 31' 4.296" N, 119° 44' 13.0056" W
Nevada US

Ritchey Tutorials

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How to Assemble a Ritchey Break-Away Bike

A lot of engineering has gone into making the Ritchey Break-Away Bike easy for you to assemble and ride.

The first couple times you assemble yours, make sure you take your time and get it...

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Company: Ritchey
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