Fix a Damaged MTB Chain

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Breaking a chain is everyone's worst nightmare but in reality it only slows you down if you don't have the tools and know-how to repair it. This informational video shows you how to repair a damaged mountain chain using a homemade chain tensioner tool. Be sure to check out the first video in this series where we show you how to make the chain tensioner tool out of a coat hanger. The faster you get this trick down, the faster you can get back to riding. Then, when you finally get back home from that long ride, be sure to check out Art's Cyclery for a brand new mountain chain.

Step 1: Identify the damaged links and move the rear derailleur into the forward and locked position.

Step 2: Use a chain tool to remove the chain pin of the last link of the section of damaged chain and Òbreak the chainÓ.

Chain Tool

Step 3: Identify where the damaged chain starts. Make sure to match the new, undamaged starting link with the link you removed previously. Use a chain tool to only push the pin out partially so you can re-use it.

Step 4: Use the homemade chain tensioner tool to hold the chain together. Orient it on the top of the chain so you can work on the chain.

Chain Tensioner

Step 5: Push the pin back into the chain using the chain tool and make sure your chain flexes freely.