Setting Up Clipless Pedals on a Mountain Bike

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Mountain bike cleats are typically fixed to your shoe using a 2-bolt system. Experimenting with the position of the cleat on your shoe will help you find the best fit for your style of pedalling.

MTB Cleat

Most MTB shoes will allow you to adjust the position of the cleat on the shoe

With manufacturers like Crank Brothers, you can also adjust the amount of 'float' you have. This is how much you can twist your foot before unclipping from the pedal.

MTB Pedal

Certain pedals will allow the shoe to still fit on the pedal

Finally, different pedal shapes will suit different riders. DHers tend to prefer flat pedals which can offer better 'feel' through your shoe, while XC riders tend to prefer slimmed down pedals which weigh less and offer a more concentrated contact point.