Correctly Fit a Bicycle Helmet

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Let Luke show you the ins and outs of finding a perfect fitting helmet in this informative video. You'll not only learn how to determine which size to buy but also where the helmet straps should go and other crucial components of that perfect fit. Using these simple techniques, you can find a helmet that keeps you safe and makes you look great on your next ride. After you've finished watching, don't forget to start your hunt for that proper fit with the great selection of helmets available for online purchase at Art's Cyclery.

Step 1: Tuck the straps out of the way and open the retention system and place the helmet on your head.

Tighten with Retention System

Step 2: Observe the distance between the helmet and your temple as well as the distance between the helmet and the back of the head. This should be no more than finger width. The fit should be snug but comfortable.

Little Room on Helmet Sides

Step 3: Clip the chinstrap closed and dial in the fit so that the straps come together just below your ear at the jawline. You should be able to place two fingers under the strap at the chin.

Step 4: Make sure there is little to no movement when you shake your head and adequate coverage for the forehead. Two fingers between the eyebrows and the helmet is a good rule.