A Guide to Picking the Right Bike Lock

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There are many variations when it comes to buying a new cycle lock. Today we take a closer look at the 3 main types which are a cable locks, U locks and chain locks.

Cable Lock

First there's the cable lock, these kinds of locks are great for locking your bike over a shorter period of time. The majority of cable locks come with a mounting bracket to secure the lock to your frame when not in use. Alternatively due to them being fairly lightweight they can be wrapped around your seat post of your bike or transported in a bag. This particular lock has a illuminated combination tumbler whilst others can come with keys. Cable locks do come in different lengths and sizes so its worth checking this out before you purchase.


If your looking for a lock to give you that extra piece of mind to make sure your bike will still be where you left it on your return then the U-lock maybe a more suitable option. Like this one, some U-locks do come with a flex cable, which is ideal to loop around the front wheel or to secure your saddle. However these flex locks can be purchased separately in various lengths and thicknesses. Similar to the cable lock a mounting bracket is often included and often come with spare keys.

Chain Lock

The last lock we are going to take a look at today is the chain lock. These substantial locks are mainly used at home or a place of work and not normally transported around with you, Of course, you can carry this in a bag but more weight means more pedalling efforts. A heavy-duty chain lock combined with a mini U-lock will offer a great level of security in higher risk areas.

Once you have decided which type of lock is best suited to your needs its worth considering what security rating you want. One of the main rating systems is Sold Secure, which comes in gold, silver or bronze grading.