How to Correctly Lock Your Bicycle


You’ve finally invested in a bike, now you need to know how to keep it safe.

The first recommendation for keeping your bike safe is to get rid of any quick release levers on your bike. Quick release levers on your wheels and seat post make reviving them easy. And that makes stealing them easy. By replacing any quick release levers with allen bolts or 15mm nuts, you are immediately making them more difficult to steal. However, this doesn’t mean they are completely safe.

Avoid Having Quick Release Levers On Your Bike

If you have a daily commuter that is locked up a lot, you might want to consider some daily camp for your ride. A bike that is fresh and clean attracts would be thieves. Try adding some creative touches to your frame, such as stickers of your favorite brands to cover up logos. This can make the bike look used even if it is brand new.

Lock Should Pass Through Solid Object, Frame and Wheel

Don’t ever leave your bike unlocked. To lock your bike using a u-lock, it is best to attach the lock through your rear wheel and around part of the frame. Make sure to lock it to a solid object that can’t be broken or moved. If you are using a chain lock too, loop this through the front wheel and around part of the frame. No lock is ever 100% safe. If someone has enough time and determination, they can cut through just about anything, but if you use these tips your can reduce your chance of just becoming another statistic.