Measuring Correct Bike Handlebar Width

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Proper handlebar width often comes down to personal preference but, if you need help getting started, let Jerald show you how in this quick video. Learn how to measure your shoulder width properly and then how to use this measurement to determine the right width handlebar to use on your road bike. This quick and easy process takes out all the guesswork and allows you to take one step closer to that perfect fit. Once have found the right road handlebar width for you, you can check out the wide variety of handlebars at Art's Cyclery.

Quick Measurement

Step 1: Place a handlebar up to your shoulders to see how closely it aligns with the outside edge of your shoulders. This is a crude way of estimating your proper handlebar width.

Step 2: For a more detailed measurement, have a friend find the bony protrusions on the front of your shoulders.

Detailed Measurement

Step 3: Measure the distance between these bony protrusions with a tape measure.

Step 4: Take this measurement in centimeters and add 2 centimeters to account for your arms naturally radiating outward in your riding position.