GOTW: Re-Prioritizing the Bell.

Spurcycle makes only a couple very select items.  Namely, a bell, a key clip and a couple of condiment themed water bottles that seem a little out of place.  The bell is what put these guys on the map back in the fall of 2013 with a very successful Kickstarter campaign.  They raised over 300K with a goal of 20K.  The low profile design fits cleanly on any handle bar and the operation is as simple as you would expect from a device that only has one function, to ding loudly.  The precise action of the spring loaded lever and the solid metal materials that make up the the entire product give the dinger a lot of confidence in the quality of this bell. The bell faces aerodynamically forward leaving just the spring loaded ding lever protruding out above your bar in just the right position for a quick thumb. What really sets the bell apart is the tone and the longevity of a single ding. One solid chime resonates from a generous distance to warn others of your approach and you'll likely have passed them before the sound fully fades away. In case any of us have forgotten, bells are a courtesy to your fellow cyclists and path users. Hearing a ding over your shoulder is a universal signal to move over. It's everything a car horn can never be, unoffensive yet purposeful.  If you're like me you are in the habit of saying "Left" or "On your left" a moment before passing. In many cases I would like to give my warning earlier but I don't want to ride around yelling at people from 30 feet back.  I don't like to give the impression I'm in a panic so I wait until I'm in ear shot and try to speak in a normal tone that won't startle my fellow rider.  We all try to be careful, but the fact is there isn't a common understanding among cyclists of how we are meant to signal each other on the road. The Spurcycle bell is an elegant solution and having a bell that functions this well is a favor to everyone.