Look Cycle KEO Flex Pedal Review

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Keo Flex

Since not every rider needs the lightest, tightest, fanciest pedal on the market, Look developed the Look Keo Flex Pedal. For instance, commuters and casual riders will benefit from the easier release force required—8 Nm, about half of a high-end pedal—and from the cost savings as well. Additionally, the Flex's minimal design results in a pedal with a weight comparable to models that cost up to three times as much.

One Piece Design

Instead of a coil or leaf spring, the Look Keo Flex relies on the flex of it's composite body to secure your cleats into place. There are no tension adjustments, and the Flexs' are tested to the same strict standards that all of Look's pedals are. Cleats are included that have nine-degrees of float; zero and four-and-a-half degree cleats are available also.