Northwave Extreme 3s Road Bike Shoe Overview

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Extreme 3S

The way the Northwave Extreme 3S Road Shoe is made means it still allows natural curved outsole shape. At the same time it reduces unnecessary weight that some 4 hole flat soled Speedplay specific shoes have. The natural outsole shape means the fore or aft cleat positions do not push the pedal further from the foot compared to the completely flat 4 hole systems.

Carbon Sole

Fabric: Ultralight carbon, ultralight microfiber. Nylon

Construction: Biomap without stitching

Upper: Ultralight Microfiber

Insole: Extreme air

Outsole: Nylon with stainless steel outsole protection plate

Sole: Ultralight carbon sole

Closure: 3 superlight straps

Extra Features: Just 0.3mm stack height instead of 3mm with normal Speedplay adaptor – saves 7.5g