Review of Ass Saver Quick Install Rain Fender


Review of the Ass Savers:

The ass saver is a quick and easy fender to install for when it’s raining. It is made out of polypropylene, weighs 15g, and fits 80% of bike saddles.

A good thing about the ass saver is that it folds away and slides under your seat easily for when you don’t want to have the fender sticking out on the back of the bike.

Ass Saver installs with no tools and clips to saddle bars

On the other hand, it’s not quite as easy to install as advertised and varies in difficulty depending on the saddle.

The ass saver comes in a variety of different colors (10), so it is easy to match your bike.

If the fender is having trouble fitting into the bottom of your saddle you can snip the tip of the fender (guidelines are on the fender itself) to make it fit.

Fender can be trimmed for proper sizing

The fender is great when you don’t want to deal with a mudguard or fender that requires installing with allen keys. It is best used for someone who normally rides without a fender but wants something quick to deal with the rain.

63fixed rates this a 9/10, only docking a point for slight troubles in installing and taking out. They claim the only thing out like it would be a proper fender, which is usually more expensive, takes longer to install, and is heavier.

When you want to remove the fender from your saddle, simply pinch in the two flaps and pull it out. You can also store it under your seat by folding it and placing it in the same way.

Ass Saver Fender can be folded in half and stored under saddle

As you can see, the ass saver does have a tendency to get a little bit bent up, but if you use a hair dryer on it for about a minute and a half it will go back to factory settings.