Review of Knog Blinder 4V Rechargeable Bike Light


Knog Blinder 4V Review:

Knog Blinder 4 vs. Knog Blinder 4V

Looking back at the Knog 4, the new 4v has the same strap. It has a stainless steel clip, a rubber silicone strap, and a plastic clip. One of the downsides of the Knog 4 was the plastic strap, which actually snapped off when being dropped. Since the Knog 4v has this same strap, it is important to be extra careful handling it.

The Knog 4v is really easy to install. It has a nice and clean look with the logo on the clip as well. The vertical look is more fitting for the bike and stays in line with the seat tube, creating a less distracting look than the Knog 4.

Knog Blinder 4V Fully On

There are several different settings. The on setting, in which all lights are on continuously, last for 3 hours with each charge. However, other settings, such as flashing, will last for 40 hours. There is also a flashing setting with a fade, an up and down flashing pattern, and an outside inside flashing pattern.

The light has 4 smart leds and 44 lumens. It weighs 39g, is 100% weatherproof, and is visible from over 800m away. It comes in black and silver with a built in diffuser.

On the back of the strap, the light has a USB charger, so it doesn’t require batteries. A little red light appears on the light to let you know it is charging. When it is full, the light turns green. However, the shape of the light with usb makes it difficult to find positions to properly charge the light, usually requiring a computer to be on the edge of a table or a usb port that is above a flat surface.

Knog 4V hangs lower than USB Port

The light can charge close to full in a few hours and will be fully charged overnight.

Overall the light is 8/10 with points docked for the plastic clip and the position of the usb charger. However, it is a really good light and is recommended.