Review of Mavic Crossmax ST 29 in Wheelset


Mavic Crossmax ST 29er Review:

Mavic Crossmax ST 29 inch Wheel

This is designed for the rider that wants to push limits on the downhill, but isn’t ready to give up on pushing the pace during the climb up.

The Crossmax ST keeps weight down with some standout Mavic technology. ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) reduces the rotating mass of the 19mm alloy rim, and zycro aluminum spokes provide additional stiffness with very low weight. The weight for a set is just of 1700 grams. Combined with the quick engagement of the IST 4 hub and ISO spoke lacing, the wheels are designed for almost instant acceleration.

Inter Spoke Milling Helps Reduce Wheels' Rotating Mass

Inter Spoke Milling Helps Reduce Wheels' Rotating Mass

To create this acceleration, Mavic uses their welding and drilling process with alloy in the rims. There is so little rotating mass and so much stiffness that they instantly respond to power. They also withstand a lot of punishment on any terrain. All of this stiffness is vertical as well as lateral. It is recommended to ride tubeless. All this durability comes in such a quick package that any trail rider looking for reliability in the back country should put the Crossmax on their list.