Review of Reynolds 29er Carbon Wheelset


Reynolds 29er Carbon:

Reynolds 29er Carbon Wheelset

Reynolds use mr5 technology to construct the rim, essentially different layups optimized for the unique forces the five different rim areas encounter: sidewall, spoke face, nipple bed, tire channel, and rim hook bead. This allows Reynolds to use only 24 spokes, yet still dissipate impacts across multiple spokes. Fewer spokes means fewer spoke holes from which cracks can start.

The heart of the new wheel is all new as well with straight pull spokes and an increased bracing angle. Red anodized hubs increase the wheels stiffness while shedding 55 grams from the number on the scale.

Red Anondized Hubs

The 29er carbons weigh 1555 grams and will set you back 2000 dollars. In the box you will find a small roll of tubeless tape and valve stems, while Reynolds also includes end caps for every popular axle option.

The rims inherent stiffness is dramatically apparent on the scale, this stiffness allows you to point the wheel with laser like accuracy. But be aware, a 29er this stiff will expose a 29er fork lacking stiffness. The rim is 29mm wide.