Review: Reynols R six Wheelset


When you need the ultimate in aerodynamic performance, the Reynolds R Six Clincher is a 66mm deep carbon fiber clincher wheel that helps you knife through the wind.

Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheel

Perfect for racing, triathlons, or time trials, the R Six is one of the best performing deep section carbon clinchers available. But as anyone who knows even a little about aerodynamics will tell you, there's more that goes into a fast wheel than just a deep profile. That's why Reynolds also engineered the Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) into the R Six. The SLG essentially helps to disrupt air turbulence coming off the rim, smoothing out airflow for an even faster ride.

Deep Rims

CTg ultra-light laminate construction, paired with the Reynolds Cryo Blue brake pads help improve the stopping performance of these wheels, and runs up to 53% cooler than standard rim-and-pad combos, and ensures smooth, predictable braking power.