Review: Shimano XT M770 9 Speed Trigger Shifter


Shimano XT M770 9 Speed Trigger Shifters:

Shimano XT M770 9 Speed Trigger Shifter

The 2-way release function on these levers allows you to shift the normal way, but also allows the upper lever to swing in either direction, which means you can release with either your thumb or your for finger.

Shimano have used a multi-bearing design in these levers to provide low friction and a reliable shifting action. The contoured alloy thumb release is durable. but also gives you precise shifts from a compatible 9-speed drivetrain.

Shimano XT M770 with Optical Display

The unit has an optical display, allowing you to easily see what gear you’re in. The display is also removable to allow use with any style of brake lever. The adjustable handlebar clamp allows you to place your shifters wherever you want them.