How to Remove a Bicycle Freewheel, Even a Stuck One


Tutorial on how to remove a freewheel from a bicycle wheel. 

First remove the skewer from the wheel.  Then identify the correct tool to remove the freewheel.  Once you have the correct freewheel tool, place it over the axle and slide it into place on the freewheel.  Then take the skewer you just removed and place it back onto the hub, tightening it down until there is a little pressure on the freewheel tool to hold it into place on the freewheel body. 

Next grab a big wrench and place it on the tool and turn the freewheel tool counterclockwise. 

If the freewheel is really tight, find a bench vise and place the freewheel tool into the vise.  Once tightened into the vise, take a firm grip on the wheel, leaving the tire and tube on will help do this, and turn the entire wheel counterclockwise.  This will apply and even pressure around the entire hub, and usually removes even the most stubborn freewheels, but unfortunately not stubborn wives or girlfriends.  Finish up with a sip of beer. 

When removing a freewheel the trick is to hold the freewheel tool firmly in place so it doesn't move when you are wrenching on it. To do this you can use the skewer to hold the freewheel tool in place while you use a large wrench or vise to grasp the free wheel. Always turn the freewheel counter clockwise to remove it.