How to Remove a Bike Stem


I'm going to show you how to remove the stem from your bicycle. First thing you want to do is to make sure that your wheel has been removed so that when you disassemble the top cap and the spacers above the stem here, the fork does not fall out of the frame. Next step is undo the faceplate using the three-way wrench.

undo faceplate

Use Allen Wrench to Undo Faceplate

In this case, the bolts are four-millimeter hex or five-millimeter hex, and the three-way ranch has both for those at our fingertips. Now that I've loosened the pinch bolts on the steer tube, I can remove the top cap and once this is fully unscrewed, set down the tool, remove the top cap, and the stem is ready to come off.

remove top cap

Remove Top Cap

Once the stems removed, you can then remove the fork or the headset bearings for repair or replacement. I'm John Benson from Bicycle House and that is how you remove the stem from a bicycle.