How to Remove Rust from Your Bike

Today, I’ll be showing you my method to get rid of rust.

I’m going to be using this as an example It is a 24 inch wheel from an old vintage bike. If you just look, you can see the rust. It’s not too bad, but it should be clean. For this you will need some steel wire wool (you can also use aluminum foil with a touch of water) and some car polish.

Wheel Rims Can Become Easily Covered in Rust

Once you have selected the rusted spot you are planning to work on, you are join got take the steel wool and start rubbing over the spot. As you rub, you will start to see the rust go away.

Once you have rubbed the rust off of the spot you are working on, take the polish and pour just a little bit on the wool. Not too much. Then go back to the spot and do the same as before. The more you do it, the cleaner it will look. After rubbing the wool with the polish, leave it to sit for about ten minutes, the use the steel wool without the polish to rub it down again and get rid of the remaining rust. Then take a rag to rub the area clean.

Rub Off the Rust with Steel Wool and Polish

This same method can be used all over the bike. However, any steel parts or painted areas will need to be repainted after removing the wool to protect the area from future rust.