How to Repair a Flat Bike Tire


How to replace a bike tube, no hassles. In this vid we are dealing with a presta valve, but it also works with schroeder valves.

You will need some tire levers which you can pick up for a few bucks at any bike shop and a bike pump, you don't need an air compressor. First thing you have to do is get a flat tire, could happen at any time, preferably it's not too inconvenient.

After the flat:  If you use presta valve tubes, remove the lock ring.  If schrader then no lock ring.  Release any air remaining in the tube, probably none or not much left if you had a flat.  Use the tire levers to separate the tires bead from the rim.  The bead is the wire that goes through the side of the tire and the hook is on the rim and the bead sits under it.  Once separated, place two tire levers under the bead and pry them up so the tire releases from the rim.  Take one lever and slide it around the edge of rim separating the tire from the rim.  Reach in and pull out the tube.  You do not have to remove the tire from the rim.  If all you are doing is replacing the tube leave the tire on.  

QuickTip:  Match up the logo on your tire with the valve hole on the rim, this will allow you to quickly identify where the hole in the tube is and what caused it by giving you a point of reference.

Replacing the Tube:  Pump a small amount of air into the tube with a bike pump.  This helps you place the tube back under the tire without twisting it. The small amount of air helps the tube keep its shape.  Once back on the rim, release the air.  Then beginning at the valve work the bead back onto the hook of the rim.  The last bit is the hardest, so use the tire lever to wedge the bead of the tire onto the rim.   Be careful not to catch the tube with lever or you could be doing this all over again.  If you were using a presta valve reattach the lock ring, don't lock it down too tight, you never want it pulling on the valve or it could cause a flat.  Fill up the tire to the specified psi with a bike pump.  And last put the cap on.