DIY: Fixing a Torn Sidewall on Mountain Bike Wheel

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Welcome back to The Bearded Bike Tip, today's tip is a throwback to some video I took up in the Oachita National Forest in early March.

While out riding the Womble trail I tore the sidewall on my mountain bike tire. I happened to be 14 miles away from camp with little to no cell reception.

Sidewall Hole

Luckily I had just eaten a GU packet and I decided to film this video on how to repair a torn sidewall with that Gu packet. This tip can be used with all sorts of stuff. Dollar bills, candy wrappers, obviously the GU packets, and even fabric from a jacket if desperately needed.

Patched Wheel

You essentially just want to use the GU packet (or dollar bill, etc) as a patch to reinforce the sidewall of the tire and prevent the rubber tube from expanding out of the cut or from anything like a rock or thorn from peircing the tube through the exposed crack.

It's simple, it's easy, and I did it pretty much 1 handed!

Hope this helps you one day when you're out riding and get stranded with a torn sidewall.