DIY How to Make a Bike Seat Lock

This is a DIY video on how to make a saddle chain lock.

This will help prevent anyone from taking your seat when your bike is locked up, and it is easy to make with a couple of spare parts.

All you need is an old chain, a popped tube, electrical tape, and a chain tool.

First thing you want to do is set your saddle height properly. Next, take your spare chain and run it through your saddle rails and the seat stay of your frame.

Measure how long chain should be by wrapping it around frame and seat rails

Put the chain together to see where you are going to break it. After you break the chain, lay it out next to a piece of tube. Cut the tube about an inch and a half longer than your chain, and cut a little slit into the topside of the tube.

Length of tube should be about an inch and a half longer than chain

Slide the chain into the inner tube, and wrap it through your seat and seat stay. Drop the seat just a couple of mm and connect the chain back together.

Reconnect chain with chain tool to secure it on seat

Fold the piece of the inner tube over and then wrap the section up with electrical tape.

DIY Seat Lock

There you go!