How to Install FSA Handlebar and Stem

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FSA Stem & Handlebar Installation: 

For this you will need a 4mm allen key and a torque wrench. Slide the FSA stem on to the fork steerer tube. Ensure that both threads have a light layer of grease. 

Secure Handlebar between Stem Faceplate and Stem

Insert handlebar between stem and faceplate. Verify that the handlebar is aligned in the stem using the alignment lines on the handlebar.  Tighten the faceplate to the stem, securing the handlebar, with the allen key. Tighten the stem fixing bolts to secure the stem to the fork steerer tube. Try and alternate tightening so all bolts reach proper torque simultaneously. 

Tighten Stem Bolts to Secure Stem to Fork Steerer Tube