How to Mount a GoPro Camera on Your Bicycle Frame

The GoPro cameras that typically mount on a person's head and capture their every moment throughout the day are all the rage lately. People tape themselves from their own point of view doing everything from the mundane like filing their taxes to the exotic like...well we won't go there. A great opportunity well beyond the scope of a POV video of a person doing their laundry is to mount the camera on your bicycle. What better way to rewind and see exactly why you wiped out than reliving from a bird's eye view over again. It's best to mount a GoPro camera on your bike immediately lest you encounter that group of Sasquatch playing hackey-sack again and your friends still won't believe you.

GoPro bicycle mount

A GoPro Camera is a great way to recapture a great ride...or a bad one

Attach the Mount to the Handlebars

The GoPro mount kit should fit on your bicycle snugly. Simply unscrew the locking part at the bottom of the mount and wrap it around the handlebar stem near the middle of the bike. Tighten the screw and install the 3-way pivot arm into the top of the mount by tightening the screw that lies in the middle. Next insert the camera into the top of the mount and insert the key through the holes, tightening it so the GoPro is secure.

You can flip the camera around so that it is either facing you or the terrain ahead and also experiment with attaching the camera on the seat post pointing both forwards and backward to capture different angles of your ride.