How To Patch A Bike Tube

We've shown you how to replace the tube in your bicycle tire, but there also comes a time when you might want to just patch up the hole. Generally bike tubes aren't the most expensive pieces on your cycle but there may come a time when a patch is suffice.

Grab Your Tools

Ideally you'll be able to ride the bike with the flat tire back to your house when an emergency arises. If you're going to pack a patch kit and pump with you on your ride you might as well bring a spare tube. Either way the job of fixing a tube requires a patch kit, a pump, a tire lever, and possibly a bowl of water.

Fixing a punctured bike tube

Punctured tubes definitely have you feeling kind of flat

Remove the Tire and Find the Puncture

Use your tire lever to take the bike tube off the rim and out of the wheel. If it is completely flat use the bike tube to pump it up. Next place the punctured bike tube that is now blown up with air into the bowl of water and look for any bubbles that emanate. Bubbles signify a sign of a puncture and you'll need to mark this area off as the spot to fix.

Fixing a flat bike tube

Finally finding the hole in your tube is cause for a little bubbly

Fix the Hole

Once you've found the hole, it's time to fix it. Take a small piece of sandpaper that comes with the repair kit and wipe down the area around where the patch will go. Next take the included glue and cover the area around the hole pretty religiously. Next apply the patch and let it set for a few minutes. Finally install the tube back in the bike and pump it up to the recommended levels.

Patching a bicycle tube

Make sure the patch is on securely to prevent air from sneaking out

Of course fixing a bike tube on the run requires all these tools. If you do find yourself in an emergency out on the road with only nature as your ally, you can pack the inside of your tire with leaves as a MacGyver approved method of at least riding back into town. Either that or you can ride a wheelie the entire way home or take the preferred method and call somebody for a ride.