How to Rotafix (tighten/loosen) a Fixed Gear Cog without Chain Whip

How to Rotafix:

Rotafix is a technique for tightening or loosening a cog without a chain whip.

Why Roafix? Because standard chain whips do not fit 1/8” cogs, and you get the mechanical advantage of the entire wheel for tightening.

When performing a rotafix, wrap a rag around the bottom bracket shell to protect the paint on your frame from being damaged by the chain.

Protect Frame by Putting Rag Under Chain

The aim is to wrap the chain so it jams. Then, when you turn the wheel the chain will hold the cog and tightened or loosened depending on the direction you rotate the wheel.

Wrap the Chain so It Jams

Wrap the chain under the cog to tighten it and over the cog if you want to loosen it. The cog should have text on one side and it should face outwards. When installing the lockring, grease the threads. Tighten the lockring. It is left hand threaded.