Install and Maintain FSA MegaExo Crankset

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FSA Road Alloy MegaExo Crankset installation:

You will need the following tools: FSA MegaExo BB Cup Tool, torque wrench, FSA MegaExo Socket Tool, grease, and a 4mm & 5mm allen key. 

Frame Preparation: ensure BB shell surfaces are clean and free of debris, dirt, or excess paint before installing MegaExo cups. Apply a thin layer of grease to the threads of the BB shell. 

Install drive side BB cup with hand first

MegaExo BB Cup Installation: Install the right side MegaExo BB cup by hand, and then tighten using the BB cup tool. Note that both cups are not the same, each cup will have an etching stating its proper position. Cups must be installed aligned in the BB shell. Cups that are not aligned may cause thread damage and effect rotation. With right side installed, install and tighten the left side. You can use a torque wrench to further tighten BB cup to suggested torque measurement. This may require a specifically sized socket tool. 

Use FSA Spanner Wrench/BB Cup Tool to tighten BB cup


Tighten Crank Arm Spindle with Allen Key


FSA MegaExo Crank Arm Installation: apply a thin layer of grease to spindle surface that will contact the bearing. Completely insert drive side crank arm and spindle completely through both bearings. Install other crank arm with spindle and tighten with allen keys. Also tighten pinch bolts of crank arm after spindle has been tightened by using 5mm allen key.

Tighten Pinch Bolts of Crank Arm with 4mm Allen Key