Install Cane Creek Double Barrel Shock

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How to install the double barrel onto your frame:

If you are installing the shock on a nice frame it can be a good idea to protect it. This can be done with a piece of foam or something similar that you can wedge up behind the linkage to stop the shock from bottoming up against the paint.

Load Double Barrel Shock in Front Frame Mount First

Your double barrel will come equipped with mounting spacers for the specific frame. They will be measured to fit the width of the tab upfront and the linkage in the rear.

Tighten Mounting Bolt in Rear Linkage

First step, mount it in the front. Take the mounting bolt, push it through, carefully set the shock down, put the washer and nut on the other side to secure it .Now you can mount in the back. Slide it between the linkage, take your mounting bolt and install in linkage until its tight.