Installing Campagnolo Ergopower Integrated Brake/Gear Levers


Installing Integrated Brake/Gear Levers:

To begin, peel back the brake hood. Slide a lever on to the handlebar into position and tighten with a 5mm allen wrench. Positioning should look similar to in the video.

Once Lever is in Position Tighten with a 5 mm hex

Thread the gear shift cable into the mechanism. In the video is a Campagnolo Ergopower 10 speed. Cut housing to length with quality cutters. Measure twice, cut once. Add ferrules where needed. Thread the rear derailleur cable through its housing and back through the first stop on the frame. You can position the cable on the bars and secure it with electrical tape. Now, thread the cable through the cable guide on the bottom bracket. Install your pre-cut housing between the stop on the chain stay and the rear derailleur, and thread the gear cable. Secure the cable to the rear derailleur.

Thread Cables Through Appropriate Paths and Housing

Now, following a similar procedure, lets thread a brake cable. Thread on your brake cable housing and secure it with tape. The rear brake cable usually runs along the top tube between stops to a second short cable housing. Push it through the cable clamp, but don’t tighten it just yet. When you install your brakes, add a little grease to the threads.

To install front derailleur cables, thread through the first stop on the frame and lead it back down under the bottom bracket. Thread through the cable guide and pull it up behind the seat tube. Pull it up over the pivot arm of the front derailleur and tighten it down.

Make Sure to Feed Cable Through Guide Under Bottom Bracket Shell

Now you are ready to do fine adjustments and tape your bars. Once that is done, roll the brake hood back into place. Make sure the hood doesn’t interfere with the free running of the mechanism.

Finally, clip and crimp your cables.