Replace Road Bike Cartridge Brake Pads

Tools: hex wrench set.

First thing to do is remove the old pads. This will usually require a 1.5-2.5mm allen wrench. Remove the bolts and set them aside. New pads come with new bolts.

Once the bolts are out, slide the brake cartridge out of the brake cartridge holder. On both brakes it will slide out of the rear of the pad holder.

Slide Old Cartridge Brake Pad Out

To install the new cartridge you will need to open the brakes up again with either the barrel adjuster or tension bolt.

You will notice there is a slot in the pad where the bolt and the pad holder goes in to hold it in place. Line that slot up with where the bolt goes in at the rear of the brake pad. Slide the pad in and use the new bolt to secure it.

Once tightened, make sure the pad is in alignment with the rim. Key things to note are that the brake pad is parallel to the rim and about 1mm below the top of the rim. You can also adjust the toe end of the brake pad at this point to. Do this by loosening the main pad anchor bolt.

Adjust Brake Pad with Anchor Bolt

New pads will have a small break in period and then be as good as they’ve ever been.