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bosch rexroth indradrive c manual
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bosch rexroth indradrive c manual

More about Hagglunds to the Core We Keep Moving In these extraordinary times it is even more important to keep connecting and engaging. We promise to keep moving in order to keep you competitive. Find out for yourself why ctrlX AUTOMATION is an significant solution for your factory of the future. Learn more about ctrlX AUTOMATION Connected Hydraulics The future of Hydraulics Connected Hydraulics will leverage the power and intelligence of Bosch Rexroth’s advanced hydraulics technology to break through limits and set new benchmarks for performance, functionality and lifetime. Curious? This means not only cost savings for operators, but also significant improvements in uptime and effiency. Be inspired by our interesting use cases, development stories and expert interviews. Are you looking to contact Bosch Rexroth or Bosch Rexroth Partners. You're nearly there. Find the right contacts for sales, services and training here. Produttore. To learn more, please visit www.In order to use the. BODAS. All products mentioned here are available from Bosch Rexroth. Temperature Controllers. To obtain hot water the controller MUST be turned ONOffenders are liable for the payment of damages. All rights are reserved in the event of the grant of a patent or the registration of a utility model or design (DIN 34-1). Validity Published by The data specified above only serve to describe the product. No statements concerning a certain condition or suitability for a certain application can be derived from our information. The given information does not release the user from the obligation of own judgement and verification. It must be remembered that our products are subject to a natural process of wear and aging. The operating data stored in parameters can be identified by means of the IDN. They can be read and transferred, if required. The user write access to parameters depends on the properties of the respective parameter and the current communication phase.

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Specific parameter values (operating data) are checked for validity by the drive firmware. Storing the Application-Specific Parameter Values Saving Parameter Values The application-specific parameter values are stored in the controller. Due to the limited number of writing cycles of non-volatile storage media, application-specific parameter values can be stored in the working memory (volatile memory), too. Using these lists guarantees complete storage of the application-specific parameter values. It is also possible to determine IDN lists defined by the customer. Password IndraDrive controllers provide the possibility to protect parameter values against accidental or unauthorized change by means of a password. They are not write-protected. The higher-level master can start, interrupt or clear commands. Each command is assigned to a parameter by means of which the execution of the command can be controlled. Note: Each command that was started must be actively cleared again. All commands available in the drive are stored in the S-0-0025, IDN-list of all procedure commands parameter. The operating mode does not determine how these command values are transmitted from the master to the slave. Note: All implemented operating modes are stored in the S-0-0292, List of all operating modes parameter. If a status is detected that still allows correct operation but in case this status persists will cause an error to occur and therefore cause the drive to be automatically switched off, the drive firmware generates a warning message. Note: Warning Classes Warnings do not cause automatic shutdown (exception: fatal warning). Warnings are classified in different warning classes which determine whether the drive, when the warning is generated, carries out an automatic reaction or not. Note: The warning class can be recognized by the diagnostic message. They persist until the condition that activated the warning is no longer fulfilled.

Errors Depending on the active operating mode and the parameter settings, many monitoring functions are carried out. If a status is detected that affects or prevents correct operation the drive firmware generates an error message. Error Classes Errors are classified in different error classes. There are 6 error classes with different drive error reactions. Note: The error class can be recognized by the diagnostic message number. Error Reactions of the Drive If the drive controller is in control and an error status is detected, the execution of a drive error reaction is automatically started. The drive reaction in the case of interface errors and non-fatal errors is determined in parameter P-0-0119, Best possible deceleration At the end of each error reaction, the drive is torque-free. Clearing Error Messages when Drive Enable Was Set If a drive error occurs while operating with drive enable having been set, the drive carries out an error reaction. The drive automatically deactivates itself at the end of each error reaction; in other words, the output stage is switched off and the drive switches from an energized to a de-energized state. Error Memory The diagnostic message numbers of occurring errors are written to an error memory. This memory contains the diagnostic message numbers of the last 50 errors that occurred and the time when they occurred. The diagnostic message numbers in the error memory are mapped to the P-0-0192, Diagnostic numbers of error memory parameter and can be displayed by means of the control panel. The drive controller is supplied complete with factoryinstalled (possibly configured) control section. It basically depends on the control section type and the corresponding firmware variant. Housing motors synchronous MHD 2AD MKD ADF MKE MAD (IndraDyn A) MSK (IndraDyn S) MAF (IndraDyn A) MAL SF (Bosch) Fig. 1-2: Third party motors Kit motors asynchronous synchronous asynchr.

MLF (IndraDyn L) MBS (Standard) MBSxx2 (IndraDyn H) MBT (IndraDyn T) LSF 1MB Appropriate Rexroth motors for IndraDrive Third party motors must meet the specified requirements. If you use extensive and complex functions, the internal clock rates for BASIC control sections (CSB with firmware MPB and CDB with firmware MPD) are automatically reduced. Today machine axes are mainly moved with electric drives. Motors of standard design are used in most cases as this is the most cost-efficient solution. Special Requirements Due to special requirements at machine axes, constructional or safetyrelated aspects, it may be necessary for the machine manufacturer to use a motor construction diverging from the standard. Undeliverable Motor Design For these cases there is the demand on the drive supplier to realize, apart from the deliverable standard drive consisting of (standard) motor, controller, cable and, if required, machine control unit, drives with motors that are not included in his own product range due to the special design. Check Before Using Third-Party Motors At Rexroth controllers of the IndraDrive range it is also possible to use third-party motors. For this purpose, check whether the third-party motor complies with the requirements of use. Which are the Important Directives. The test of the drive system and compliance with the directives have to be guaranteed by the machine manufacturer. If motors have been provided with a holding brake, it should be controlled via the controller. Make sure that the relevant technical data of the motor holding brake are complying with those of the holding brake output. Note: Synchronous Motors For third-party motors Bosch Rexroth, as a matter of principle, does not assume the guarantee for the power data at the motor shaft. In the case of synchronous motors, the commutation offset has to be set during commissioning.FLORIANSCHLOSSER.COM/images/bosch-rexroth-eco-drive-manual.pdf

The drive firmware provides several methods for determining this offset so that it is possible to determine the value for different motor characteristics. Note: Observe the restrictions in conjunction with the commutation offset determination when using synchronous motors. For third-party motors it is impossible to determine failsafe motor parameter values for using the reluctance property; the respective bit of P-0-4014, Type of construction of motor therefore mustn't be set. The occurring peak voltages at the motor are caused by reflections in the motor cable. The insulation of the motor is thereby loaded with other peak voltages and voltage changes than the ones occurring at the output of the power section. Note: Use of Voltage-Reducing Components, Motor Filter HMF Determine the occurring voltage load at the terminals of the third-party motor in the application with all involved components. Verify the success of the voltage-reducing measure. Minimum Inductance of Third-Party Motor Depending on the controller used, the motor has to have a minimum value for inductance. The actually available inductance of a motor can be measured directly between two motor terminals by means of an inductance measuring bridge. The measurement has to be made for a complete motor wired for normal operation but not yet connected. During the measurement one motor terminal remains open. For asynchronous motors the measured value can only be used if the rotor doesn't have closed slots.This choke has to increase the inductance that can be measured between two motor terminals to the minimum value. Note: When the inductance is measured, different inductance values can be determined at different rotor positions within one pole pair distance of the motor. The average value is relevant for the check of the minimum value. Correct values can only be determined when the motor is in standstill. It is recommended to contact Rexroth.

When, in exceptional cases, you want to operate third-party motors without temperature sensor at IndraDrive controllers, you must determine the thermal time constants of motor housing (P-0-4035) and motor winding (P-0-4034, P-0-4037). The firmware-internal motor temperature model can thereby reflect the cooling situation of the motor correctly. Note: In case the motor housing or blower is dirty, this worsens the cooling situation of the motor and protection against thermal overload is therefore insufficient. Note: The continuous current of the controller should be greater than that of the motor, the continuous power of the supply must be greater than the sum of all average powers of the axes of the drive system. These declarations confirm that the components are designed according to valid EC directives. If required, you can ask your sales representative for these declarations. The control sections are included in the listing of the power sections. The control sections are not listed separately. They are tested prior to delivery to ensure operating safety and reliability. The products may only be used in the manner that is defined as appropriate. If they are used in an inappropriate manner, then situations can develop that may lead to property damage or injury to personnel. Note: Rexroth as manufacturer is not liable for any damages resulting from inappropriate use. In such cases, the guarantee and the right to payment of damages resulting from inappropriate use are forfeited. The user alone carries all responsibility of the risks. Control and monitoring of the motors may require additional sensors and actors. Note: The drive controllers may only be used with the accessories and parts specified in this document. If a component has not been specifically named, then it may not be either mounted or connected. The same applies to cables and lines.

Operation is only permitted in the specified configurations and combinations of components using the software and firmware as specified in the relevant Functional Descriptions. Every drive controller has to be programmed before commissioning, making it possible for the motor to execute the specific functions of an application. The drive controllers have been developed for use in single- and multiaxis drive and control tasks. To ensure an application-specific use, the drive controllers are available with different drive power and different interfaces.Read and understand these safety instructions and all user documentation prior to working with the device. If you do not have the user documentation for the device, contact your responsible Bosch Rexroth sales representative. Ask for these documents to be sent immediately to the person or persons responsible for the safe operation of the device. WARNING Improper use of these devices, failure to follow the safety instructions in this document or tampering with the product, including disabling of safety devices, may result in material damage, bodily harm, electric shock or even death. Instructions for Use Read these instructions before the initial startup of the equipment in order to eliminate the risk of bodily harm or material damage. The persons are qualified if they have sufficient knowledge of the assembly, installation and operation of the equipment as well as an understanding of all warnings and precautionary measures noted in these instructions. Furthermore, they must be trained, instructed and qualified to switch electrical circuits and devices on and off in accordance with technical safety regulations, to ground them and to mark them according to the requirements of safe work practices. If this is not the case, they are excluded.

The degree of hazard seriousness informs about the consequences resulting from non-compliance with the safety instructions: Warning symbol with signal word Degree of hazard seriousness according to ANSI Z 535 Death or severe bodily harm will occur. DANGER Death or severe bodily harm may occur. WARNING Bodily harm or material damage may occur. Risk of death or severe bodily injury by electric shock. DANGER Dangerous movements. Danger to life, severe bodily harm or material damage by unintentional motor movements. DANGER High electric voltage because of incorrect connection. Risk of death or bodily injury by electric shock. WARNING Health hazard for persons with heart pacemakers, metal implants and hearing aids in proximity to electrical equipment. WARNING Hot surfaces on device housing. Danger of injury! Danger of burns! CAUTION CAUTION Risk of injury by improper handling. Risk of bodily injury by bruising, shearing, cutting, hitting, or improper handling of pressurized lines. Risk of injury by improper handling of batteries. Contact with parts conducting voltages above 50 Volts can cause personal danger and electric shock. When operating electrical equipment, it is unavoidable that some parts of the devices conduct dangerous voltage. High electrical voltage. Danger to life, electric shock and severe bodily injury! ? DANGER Only those trained and qualified to work with or on electrical equipment are permitted to operate, maintain and repair this equipment. Follow general construction and safety regulations when working on electrical power installations. Before switching on the device, the equipment grounding conductor must have been nondetachably connected to all electrical equipment in accordance with the connection diagram. Do not operate electrical equipment at any time, even for brief measurements or tests, if the equipment grounding conductor is not permanently connected to the mounting points of the components provided for this purpose.

Before working with electrical parts with voltage potentials higher than 50 V, the device must be disconnected from the mains voltage or power supply unit. Provide a safeguard to prevent reconnection. With electrical drive and filter components, observe the following: Wait 30 minutes after switching off power to allow capacitors to discharge before beginning to work. Measure the voltage on the capacitors before beginning to work to make sure that the equipment is safe to touch. Never touch the electrical connection points of a component while power is turned on. Install the covers and guards provided with the equipment properly before switching the device on. Before switching the equipment on, cover and safeguard live parts safely to prevent contact with those parts. A residual-current-operated circuit-breaker or r.c.d. cannot be used for electric drives. Indirect contact must be prevented by other means, for example, by an overcurrent protective device according to the relevant standards. Secure built-in devices from direct touching of electrical parts by providing an external housing, for example a control cabinet. The operator must observe all the above regulations at any time. With electrical drive and filter components, observe the following: High housing voltage and large leakage current. Risk of death or bodily injury by electric shock! ? DANGER ? ? ? Before switching on, the housings of all electrical equipment and motors must be connected or grounded with the equipment grounding conductor to the grounding points. This is also applicable before short tests. The equipment grounding conductor of the electrical equipment and the units must be non-detachably and permanently connected to the power supply unit at all times. The leakage current is greater than 3.5 mA. Over the total length, use copper wire of a cross 2 section of a minimum of 10 mm for this equipment grounding connection.

Before start-up, also in trial runs, always attach the equipment grounding conductor or connect with the ground wire. Otherwise, high voltages may occur at the housing causing electric shock. Protection Against Electric Shock by Protective Low Voltage (PELV) All connections and terminals with voltages between 5 and 50 Volt at Rexroth products are protective extra-low voltage systems which are provided with touch guard according to the product standards. High electric voltage by incorrect connection. Risk of death or bodily injury by electric shock! ? WARNING ? To all connections and terminals with voltages between 0 and 50 Volt, only devices, electrical components, and conductors may be connected which are equipped with a PELV (Protective ExtraLow Voltage) system. Connect only voltages and circuits which are safely isolated from dangerous voltages. Safe isolation is achieved for example by isolating transformers, safe optocouplers or battery operation without mains connection. The monitoring in the drive components will normally be sufficient to avoid faulty operation in the connected drives. Regarding personal safety, especially the danger of bodily harm and material damage, this alone cannot be relied upon to ensure complete safety. Until the integrated monitoring functions become effective, it must be assumed in any case that faulty drive movements will occur. The extent of faulty drive movements depends upon the type of control and the state of operation. Danger to life, risk of injury, severe bodily harm or material damage! ? DANGER For the above reasons, ensure personal safety by means of qualified and tested higher-level monitoring devices or measures integrated in the installation. They have to be provided for by the user according to the specific conditions within the installation and a hazard and fault analysis. The safety regulations applicable for the installation have to be taken into consideration.

Unintended machine motion or other malfunction is possible if safety devices are disabled, bypassed or not activated. Keep free and clear of the machine’s range of motion and moving parts. Possible measures to prevent people from accidentally entering the machine’s range of motion: - use safety fences - use safety guards - use protective coverings ? ? ? ? ? - install light curtains or light barriers Fences and coverings must be strong enough to resist maximum possible momentum. Mount the emergency stop switch in the immediate reach of the operator. Verify that the emergency stop works before startup. Don’t operate the device if the emergency stop is not working. Isolate the drive power connection by means of an emergency stop circuit or use a safety related starting lockout to prevent unintentional start. Make sure that the drives are brought to a safe standstill before accessing or entering the danger zone. The standard equipment motor brake or an external brake controlled directly by the drive controller are not sufficient to guarantee personal safety. Disconnect electrical power to the equipment using a master switch and secure the switch against reconnection for: - maintenance and repair work -.If the use of such devices cannot be avoided, verify the system and the installation for possible malfunctions in all possible positions of normal use before initial startup. If necessary, perform a special electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test on the installation. Protection Against Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields During Operation and Mounting Magnetic and electromagnetic fields generated by current-carrying conductors and permanent magnets in motors represent a serious personal danger to those with heart pacemakers, metal implants and hearing aids. Health hazard for persons with heart pacemakers, metal implants and hearing aids in proximity to electrical equipment.

If it is necessary for somebody with a pacemaker to enter such an area, a doctor must be consulted prior to doing so. The interference immunity of present or future implanted heart pacemakers differs greatly, so that no general rules can be given. Those with metal implants or metal pieces, as well as with hearing aids must consult a doctor before they enter the areas described above. Otherwise health hazards may occur. 3-10 Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls Rexroth IndraDrive Protection Against Contact with Hot Parts Hot surfaces at motor housings, on drive controllers or chokes. Danger of injury! Danger of burns! CAUTION ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Do not touch surfaces of device housings and chokes in the proximity of heat sources. Danger of burns! Do not touch housing surfaces of motors. Before accessing motors after having switched them off, let them cool down for a sufficiently long time. Cooling down can require up to 140 minutes. Roughly estimated, the time required for cooling down is five times the thermal time constant specified in the Technical Data. After switching drive controllers or chokes off, wait 15 minutes to allow them to cool down before touching them. Wear safety gloves or do not work at hot surfaces. For certain applications, the manufacturer of the end product, machine or installation, according to the respective safety regulations, has to take measures to avoid injuries caused by burns in the end application. These measures can be, for example: warnings, guards (shielding or barrier), technical documentation. Risk of injury by improper handling. Bodily injury by bruising, shearing, cutting, hitting. CAUTION ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Observe the general construction and safety regulations on handling and assembly. Use suitable devices for assembly and transport. Avoid jamming and bruising by appropriate measures. Always use suitable tools. Use special tools if specified. Use lifting equipment and tools in the correct manner.

If necessary, use suitable protective equipment (for example safety goggles, safety shoes, safety gloves). Do not stand under hanging loads. Immediately clean up any spilled liquids because of the danger of skidding. Battery Safety Batteries consist of active chemicals enclosed in a solid housing. Therefore, improper handling can cause injury or damages. Do not recharge the batteries as this may cause leakage or explosion. Do not throw batteries into open flames. Do not dismantle batteries. Do not damage electrical parts installed in the devices. Environmental protection and disposal. The batteries installed in the product are considered dangerous goods during land, air, and sea transport (risk of explosion) in the sense of the legal regulations. Dispose of used batteries separate from other waste. Observe the local regulations in the country of assembly. 3-12 Safety Instructions for Electric Drives and Controls Rexroth IndraDrive Protection Against Pressurized Systems According to the information given in the Project Planning Manuals, motors cooled with liquid and compressed air, as well as drive controllers, can be partially supplied with externally fed, pressurized media, such as compressed air, hydraulics oil, cooling liquids, and cooling lubricating agents. In these cases, improper handling of external supply systems, supply lines, or connections can cause injuries or damages. CAUTION Note: Risk of injury by improper handling of pressurized lines. Do not attempt to disconnect, open, or cut pressurized lines (risk of explosion). Observe the respective manufacturer's operating instructions. Before dismounting lines, relieve pressure and empty medium. Use suitable protective equipment (for example safety goggles, safety shoes, safety gloves). Immediately clean up any spilled liquids from the floor. ? ? ? ? ? Environmental protection and disposal. The agents used to operate the product might not be economically friendly.

Dispose of ecologically harmful agents separate from other waste. Observe the local regulations in the country of assembly. There is a type plate attached to all devices. Note: The user must check that the ambient conditions, in particular the control cabinet temperature, are complied with by calculating the heat levels in the control cabinet and making the corresponding measurements. In the Technical Data the power dissipation is indicated as an input value for calculating the heat levels. On principle, the higher the switching frequency, the shorter the allowed cable length (in order to protect the drive controllers against overload). Note: Always use switching frequencies supported by the components of your drive system. Observe the technical data of the drive controllers and motors. Rexroth IndraDrive drive systems have to be equipped with shielded motor power cables of the RKL line. Use ready-made Rexroth cables. For triggering use bounce-free switches. 5-8 Electrical Data Rexroth IndraDrive Digital Outputs The digital outputs correspond to IEC 61131. Note: Do not operate digital outputs at low-resistance sources. This means that these outputs can actively supply current but not drain it. Note: The energy absorption capacity of the outputs is used to limit voltage peaks caused when inductive loads are switched off. Limit voltage peaks by using free-wheeling diodes directly at the relay coil.As regards commissioning and parameters, SF motors have the same behavior as Rexroth housing motors with encoder data memory. Notes on Commissioning Initial Commissioning In the case of Rexroth housing motors with encoder data memory, the values for the motor parameters stored in the encoder, the measuring system parameters and, where required, the motor holding brake parameters are automatically loaded to the controller when the drive is switched on. At the initial commissioning of a drive the F2008 RL The motor type has changed.

This message only means that this motor has not yet been connected to the controller. Default control loop parameter values for this motor are thereby loaded. In the case of motors with integrated holding brake, the type of motor holding brake and the activation of the brake control is automatically set in P-0-0525, Holding brake control word. In the case of motors with several cooling type variants (MHD, MKD), the load data can be referred to the cooling type realized by entering the corresponding value in P-0-0640, Cooling type. Recommissioning When the machine is repaired the motor can be replaced by a motor of the same type without any problem. The adjustment to the controller does not need to be repeated. In the case of an absolute motor encoder, it is only necessary to make an adjustment to the machine axis by establishing the position data reference. If the motor type connected to the controller has changed, the controller signals this with F2008 RL The motor type has changed.In the case of a desired motor change, initial commissioning of the new axis motor is necessary. Otherwise there is an assembly error that has to be corrected.S-0-0106 and S-0-0107) are automatically adjusted to the currently parameterized PWM frequency (cf. P-0-0001) and performance setting (cf. The required steps are given by the display, the corresponding input is made by means of the keys of the control panel. The corresponding field of the value then is highlighted in black on the display. To have the value applied by the drive press the Enter key. If you do not want to apply changed values, press the Esc key. By doing this you exit the editing mode. The corresponding field then no longer is highlighted in black. The individual modes (monitor, operating and parameter modes) are described in the next sections.Main screen only shows languages which are available (e.g. DE: German; EN: English; FR: French; IT: Italian; SP: Spanish). The parameters can be displayed successively.

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bosch rexroth indradrive c manual