Acros is a German bicycle parts company. They sell industry-competitive parts for a variety of cycling applications. 

Acros' motto is "ride with us". Founded in 1999, they sell a variety of bicycle parts and sponsor several riders. Among their most popular products are headsets, pedals, and a wide selection of hubs. Based in Germany, this is a brand you don't see too much of in the United States but is well-regarded in many European markets. Part of the reason for this is because there's a long-standing parts market in America that offers a lot of quality, but also because of import/shipping concerns. This company is non-existant in the states, but you're not likely to run across them everyday. 

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Benzstraße 58
Renningen , BW
48° 46' 37.092" N, 8° 55' 18.768" E
Baden-Württemberg DE