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bosch smu 4000 manual
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bosch smu 4000 manual

Wooden bowls, wooden utensils and wood handled utensils can warp, crack or lose their finish. The Bosch dishwasher is only intended for use in cleaning standard household dishware items. This can usually be. Use of other types of detergents will result in excessive suds. Be sure to check the phosphate content of the deter- gent to be used. Phosphate helps prevent the minerals in hard water from forming a film or spots on dishes. If something is blocking the motion of the arms, such as a utensil ex- tending below one of the baskets or an exceptionally tall object in the lower basket, move the offending item. Spots that appear on the stainless steel door may be removed by wiping gently with a sponge sprinkled with a stainless steel cleaner. The following table may serve to answer your question about a problem you are having with out having to call a serviceman. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE A fuse may have blown or a circuitbreaker tripped. Si le niveau de phosphate est plus bas que 8,7 , vous devriez utiliser plus de deter- gent. Remplacez le Lampe temoin de I'indicateur marche- fusible ou fermez le coupe-circuit. The dishwasher m ust be connected to an adequate hot water supply. Adequate meaning a good strong rate of flow and pressure of hot water. That should answer your question. Thank you for choosing FixYa. Good luck. Regards, Macmarkus:) Login to post The direct link to the manual is. I hope this helps. Cindy WellsIf it is a universal motor with carbon brushes, inspect the brushes for wear and replace. If the bearing is going bad, it has to be replaced. There is no easy fix for a bad bearing, except to replace it. You best bet would be to take it to a Bisch approved service center, or call them and get an estimate cost on repair. If too high it may not be worth repairing it over the cost of a new saw.If the saw is less than a year old it will be under warranty, if not this repair is still worth doing as it is alot less than a new saw.

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This repair is faily difficult and should be done by a Bosch service center, find one in your area and they will be able to help you.Mark After the 1 yr warranty you will have to pay for the repair.I had a major drain backup on Thanksgiving and the dishwasher filled with debris. The I flushed the supply line and it was clear so I think perhaps. You will need a new armture Bnew bushes and possibly field. I would also replace the bearings and motor speed control circuit board. Bosch does not sell the motor assembly. Turn unit upside down and remove the Plastic body - approx 6 screws. Thake a digital camera and take LOTS of pictures of dissassembly as you will need them later. Blow unit clean and work neatly keeping all parts in labeled bins for reassembly. Don't attempt this job when your pressed for time. Before you start check to see if this machine is still under warranty!! Call customer support listed on website if you run into a problem. Good Luck !!No drying either. Any suggestions? Dishes are wet after all cycles. From what Ive read this isn't worth fixing because Bosch are so difficult to get into.If you happen to live in Nebraska, there is a guy in Kearney that repairs all makes of tools.Then it quits and nothing happens pushing the start button causes the same cycle to repeat. It has power and the door switch has continuity. Answer questions, earn points and help others. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. User-Friendly Manuals. Product Instructions. Hold times are long. Even reliable brands like Bosch are susceptible to long-term wear and tear or an unforeseen part failure. Sometimes the problem is obvious. A worn-out seal, for example, will leave a puddle on your kitchen floor. But other Bosch dishwasher problems aren't so obvious. Two of the most common are a soap dispenser failure and the dishwasher not filling.

Need help finding your model number. Most Common Problems Your Bosch Exxcel or Classixx dishwasher features an electronic diagnostic system for troubleshooting various malfunctions. Sometimes, however, those error codes can be confusing. Have a look at our list of symptoms, then enter your model number in the search field. We'll offer you a range of possible causes and help you find the right one. You'll end up with the right replacement part to solve the problem and the confidence to do the repair yourself. Dishwasher not cleaning 11 possible causes and potential solutions View solutions Featured Video Video 02:20 144,798 241 Dishwasher not draining 10 possible causes and potential solutions View solutions Featured Video Video 02:59 523,420 961 Dishwasher buttons not working 3 possible causes and potential solutions View solutions No Video Available Dishwasher lights flashing or blinking 6 possible causes and potential solutions View solutions No Video Available Dishwasher leaking 6 possible causes and potential solutions View solutions Featured Video Video 02:15 514,803 1,225 Dishwasher leaking from motor area 6 possible causes and potential solutions View solutions No Video Available VIEW ALL The Right Parts for the Job We carry more than 4 million parts from over 175 major brands, so chances are, we've got the part you need. Join Repair Clinic's VIP email list for 10 off, plus other discounts and tips. We've got millions of parts, hundreds of brands, and thousands of step-by-step videos— everything you need to find it, fix it and finish the job right. With Bosch's instruction manuals. Simply enter the E-NR (model type number) from your appliance and we'll take you to the available publications. Just use the type plate finder to get assistance. Just click on the link below to get assistance. Phone: 1300 369 744 24 hours support (Monday to Friday) You need these for product registration and booking your repair service.

No other Manuals with the Exact Same Model Number and Manufacture. If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for. Bosch dishwashers are provided with two manuals; one, Installation Instruction Manual and one, Care and Use Manual. Read all instructions before using the dishwasher. 2. Use the dishwasher only for its intended function. 3. Use only detergents or wetting agents recommended for use in a dishwasher and keep them out of the reach of children. 4. When loading items to be washed: a. Locate sharp items so that they are not likely to damage the door seal, and b. For plastic items not so marked, check the manufacturer's recommendations. 6. Do not touch the heating element during or immediately after use. 7. Do not operate your dishwasher unless all the enclosure panels are properly in place. 8. Do not tamper with controls. 9. Do not abuse, sit on, or stand on the door or dish rack of the dishwasher. 10. To reduce the risk of injury, do not allow children to play in or on the dishwasher. 11. Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot water system that has not been used for two weeks or more. If the hot water system has not been used for such a period, before using the dishwasher turn on all hot water faucets and let the water flow from each for several minutes. This will release any accumulated hydrogen gas. As the gas is flammable, do no smoke or use an open flame during this time. 12. Remove the door to the washing compartment when removing an old dishwasher from service or discarding. These must be carefully followed in all cases. See Installation Instructions provided with this dishwasher for complete installation information. Make sure this dishwasher has been properly grounded and installed by a qualified installer before using. Check to make sure that the voltage on which from their dishwasher.The installer may have closed a?? Very quiet operation the valve upon completing the installation.

No detergent is used with this program.Your everyday dishes may be included. 2. Add detergent Note: Burned on food, food burned black, should be Detergent must be placed in the detergent dispenser pre - soaked and scoured. The dishwasher compartment as described in the following section titled cannot remove burned on food. DETERGENT USE. The use of the Rinse Agent is a?? REGULAR WASH recommended to assist in the drying cycle. See section titled RINSE AGENT DISPENSER. The everyday program. This program should be used 3. Check motion of wash arms when dishes have normal amount of soil; strong enough to remove hardened food but gentle enough The wash arms must be free to move and should not be for porcelain.See following section titled OPERATION.Close the door of the dishwasher. SMU2000 SMU4000 Figure 2. The program sequence moni - tor, figure 2, serves to show where the dishwasher is in a cycle.The SMU 4000 ' s RINSE AGENT DISPENSER location in the cycle is marked by a pointer that moves across the window located directly above the dial. Rinse agent, or a rinse aid, is used to diminish water When the program cycle is complete the indicator light spotting and to provide optimum drying results. To switch off the recommended that a rinse agent be used at all times with the Bosch dishwasher.In fact, it is suggested that the indicator be left on un - washer. The tank and innerdoor will begin to take on a til you are ready to put the dishes away. Once the dis - dull, unpolishedlook, if rinse agent is not used. If you The Bosch dishwasher is equipped with a reservoir for get in the habit of using the dishwasher in this way you storing and dispensing liquid rinse agent. See figure 4. will always know if the dishes in the washer have been Rinse agent is available in liquid or solid form. Do not cleaned or not.The reservoir is button.However, A full reservoir will provide enough rinse agent for if the door is opened quickly while in a wash or rinse cy - approximately 30 washes.

For this reason it is recommended that the machine always be switched to off before opening the door. If you wish to reset the program to its beginning after stopping the dishwasher: 1. Close the door of the dishwasher. Make sure that the door is completely closed and latched. 2. Turn the sequence monitor dial until indicator is back to the start of the program. 3. The dishwasher is now reset and ready to run your selected wash program.The dishwasher leaves the factory preset to number 3. Other than the above, no special preparation or pre - This has been chosen as the average setting, however: rinsing is required for dishes, pots and pans or utensils with normal amounts of food soil.LOADING THE DISHWASHER a?? if water spots appear, it is recommended that the Please refer to Table 1 for items suitable for washing in regulator be turned to a higher number.Heavily soiled pots a?? Adjust the calibration knob to the number desired.If more space is needed for pots and pans the spoon a shown in figure 5.Tall narrow vessels, such as a vase Figure 5.PREPARATIONS FOR WASHING a?? Long stemmed glasses should be placed so that Very little preparation is required before placing dishes, they lean against the sides of the rack and not against pots, pans, etc.However, some other glasses or dishware. See Figure 7. preparation, mostlydictated by common sense, is requi - a?? Silverware should be mixed when placed in the red: silverware basket. The purpose of mixing the a?? Large solids, such as, bones, large seeds, shells, silverware is to avoid having them nest together, for skins, leafy vegetables, meat trimmingsetc.The dishwasher cannot remove burned - on food. Dded - on food is more diffi - with the knife blades up it is recommended, to cult to remove and you may find that the ECONOMY or avoid cutting yourself when unloading, that youer remove the silverware basket from the dishwash lighter washing cycles will not provide a satisfactory re - sult when food has dried on.

Minerals in the water may cause spotting or darkening of aluminum. This can usually be removed by scouring with a soap filled steel wool pad. BONE NOT Handles may separate. If there is any doubt, please check with the manufacturer of your set or test by washing one piece with each load for a month and comparing this piece with the rest of the set to determi ne if there has been any fading or discoloration. It is recommended that these be hand washed. Also, fragile glassware is highly breakable, be sure to set the pieces so that they do not topple during washing and so that they do not knock against other pieces. GLASS USUALLY SAFE Milk glass may yellow. NON - STICK COATINGS USUALLY SAFE After drying the non - stick coating should be covered with a light coating of vegetable oil IRON NOT Iron will rust. Wash by hand and dry immediately. RECOMMENDED PEWTER NOT Pewter will tarnish. Wash by ha0d and dry mmed ate y. STAINLESS USUALLY SAFE Do not let stainless steel items contact copper or sterling silver or STEEL silverplate items. STERLING USUALLY SAFE Do not allow to come in contact with stainless steel or copper items. Wash by hand and dry immediatety. RECOMMENDED WOOD NOT Wooden bowls, wooden utensils and wood handled utensils can warp, RECOMMENDED crack or lose their finish. NON - NOT The Bosch dishwasher is only intended for use in cleaning standard DISHWARE RECOMMENDED household dishware items. ITEMS J Table 1 8 Page: 9 DETERGENT DISPENSER DETERGENT USE Use only powder or liquid detergents manufactured The detergent dispenser on the Bosch dishwasher is located on the inside of the door, see figure 8. The specifically for dishwasher use. Use of other types of detergent dispenser cover may be opened by depres - detergents will result in excessive suds.These refer to the in hard water from forming a film or spots on dishes.This figure actually refers to grains cycle, it is recommended that the detergent dispenser per U a?? S. Gallon.

A water hardness of 3 to 7 grains is marked 25 be completely filled a?? considered to be medium hardness, while 7 to 12 grains would be considered to be hard water. The detergent will be dispensed automati - cally during the wash section of the cycle a?? If you have a problem closing the cover of the detergent dispenser to the point where it becomes latched it is most likely due to detergent in the area where the cover seats a?? Please raise cover and brush the detergent that has fallen into the seating area away so that the cover can close fully. If the cover of the detergent dispenser is closing fully but it won't latch this is most likely due to the dishwas - her having been stopped in mid cycle a?? Check the PRO - GRAM SEQUENCE MONITOR, see Figure 2, to see if cycle has been completed a?? If the cycle is not complete turn the sequence monitor dial to start to reset program cycle. If you have water of medium or higher hardness and the dishes do not come clean the cause, in the majority of Figure 8.If you have very soft water, or chemically treated soft water special care should be taken to use the minimum amount of detergent. For these situations a high quality, low phosphate detergent is recommended. Page: 10 OPERATION RACK HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT ( SMU 4000 Series only ) Once detergent has been added and before closing the The upper rack is adjustable. There are two positions, door of the dishwasher be sure to check the two wash see figure 9: arms to ensure that they are free to move. If something a?? The rack may be placed in the upper position to is blocking the motion of the arms, such as a utensil ex - provide more room for items to be placed in the lower rack, tending below one of the baskets or an exceptionally tall or object in the lower basket, move the offending item.Release the latches on both channels, left and right, button will turn off to indicate the dishwasher is off.

Push the channels back into the dishwasher until they completion of the selected program. To turn off the stop. With the channels in this position it is easier to reinsert the rack. Reinsert rack with other set of rollers in channels, or PROGRAM SEQUENCE MONITOR.When unloading the dishwasher always unload the 6. With all rollers within channels close latchesby flipping lower rack first and then unload the upper rack. This sequence of unloading will minimize the chance of drops from the upper rack falling on the dishes in the lower rack. The silverware basket of the Bosch dishwasher has a handle to allow easy removal of the basket to your silverware drawer for unloading. Note: If you have inadvertently loaded the silverware basket with the knife blades up it is recommended, to avoid cutting yourself while unloading, that you remove the silverware basket from the dishwasher and tip the contents out onto a cutting board. Also, when unloading, it is recommended that the dis - hes be allowed to cool before handling. The dishes will Figure 10.The microfilter is self - cleaning, but the coarse filter and fine filter will sometimes be found to have collected items, from bones to toothpicks or straws that have been left on the plates or in the glasses. For this reason the following maintenance should be observed: a?? Filters The coarse filter should be checked on a regular basis. Lift the filters, using the convenient handle, as shown in figure 10 and examine the filters. If large solids, such as bones, or large seed are present remove the Figure 9. 10 Page: 11 filtersanddisposeof thelargesolidsbyemptyinginto Spots that appear on the stainless steel door may be removed by wiping gently with a sponge sprinkled with awastebasketI.Do not use metal scouring bythefilters, paperlabelsforexampleth, eseshould alsoberemovewd hileyouhavethefiltersoutofthe pads to clean the stainless steel surfaces as these can dishwasherT.Do not attempt to repair the ap - pliance yourself.

Any work performed by unauthorized a?? Wash arms personnel may void the warranty. The wash arms should be checked on a regular basis to If you are having a problem with your BOSCH dish - assure that the spray orifices are clear and unobstructed. This will usually cor - upper water tube. Remove the upper wash arm by rect the problem.The water tube is slotted to allow the use of a spoon, as shown in figure 11, to aid in turning problem still has not been resolved to your satisfaction, the tube.HPS 2800 South 25th Ave.If spots begin to appear on the stainless steel door or tank check to make sure that the RINSE AGENT RESERVOIR has rinse agent in it. Also it is possible that the wash arms are blocked, which prevented the door as well as your dishware from being properly washed and rinsed. Check the wash arms to make sure they are moving freely. If not, clear the obstruction away so that the arms may rotate freely and then rewash the load of dishes in the dishwasher. 11 Page: 12 SELF - HELP Dishwashers may exhibit problems that are unrelated to a malfunction of the dishwasher itself. The following table may serve to answer your question about a problem you are having with out having to call a serviceman. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE A fuse may have blown or a circuitbreaker tripped. Replace fuse or reset circuitbreaker. Close dishwasher making sure that door latches.Machine cycle does not advance to rinse Water not pumped Kink in drain hose. Filter clogged. Kitchen sink clogged. Check drain hose and fine and from dishwasher coarse filters ( see section titled CARE and CLEANING ). Check kitchen sink to make sure it is draining well. If problem is kitchen sink not draining you may need a plumber rather than a nserviceman for the dishwasher. A program was not completely finished. Detergent dispenser lid will not close Remove lower spray arm and clean arm and spray arm mounts, Lower spray arm does not rotate freely White deposits left Too little rinse - aid.

Suds in dishwasher Incorrect type of detergent used. Use only automatic dishwasher detergents. Unsatisfactory a?? Incorrect amount of detergent or rinse agent.Within one ( 1 ) year of initial installation BOSCH will provide parts and service labor in your home to repair or replace, at its sole option, any dishwasher or part thereof which proves defective under conditions of normal use and service at no charge to you. b. During the second year after installation BOSCH will supply at no charge, replacement parts only, but not labor costs, for any part that fails as the result of a manufacturing defect. c. During the second through fifth year BOSCH will supply at no charge replacement upper or lower rack, but net labor costs, to replace a rack that fails as the result of a manufacturing defect. This does not include rollers, roller channels, rack inserts, cub racks, silverware baskets or other removable ancillary rack components. d. In addition, the stainless steeel inner liner and stainless steel inner door are warranted against rust - through from the second trough the twenty - fifth year after the initial installation of the dishwasher. During this period BOSCH will supply the following: a?? in case of rust - throuah of the stainless steel inner door The stainless steel parts for the inner door at no charge, but no labor costs. Any repaired or replacement part supplied by us under this warranty shall assume the identity of the original part for purposes of further warranty service and shall not extend the warranty on the dishwasher beyond its original term. Specifically excluded from this warranty are any and all failures caused by any of the following: a. Failure to observe applicable plumbing and building codes, our installation instructions, or industry practice. b. Using non - drinkable water free to circulate at all times. c. Improper installation or failure to observe our recommended maintenance and safety instructions. d.

Commercial use or any use other than that of a household dishwasher. e. Any other misuse, abuse, neglect, external forces or unauthorized service. This warranty applies only to dishwashers sold and installed in the United States or Canada by us. To obtain performance of this warranty all claims should be made first to the retail dealer who sold the dishwasher to you. If this is not possible contact your nearest BOSCH authorized dishwasher service agency, or contact us at the address shown below.Some states do not allow limitations on how long implied warranties last or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights under applicable state law. Notice to California Customers If you need warranty serviceand there is no BOSCH authorizeddishwasher service agency reasonably closeto you, you may notifythe dealer from whomyou purchasedthe dishwasheror any other dealer who sells Bosch dishwashers. The dealer may repairor replacethe defectivedishwasher or, if returnedto the dealer from whom purchased, he may partially refundyour money. This choice is up to the dealer. If the dealer fails to repair, replace or partiallyrefundyour money, you may take your defective unit to any repair shop and they can fix your unit at ourexpense unlessthe repair cost exceeds the depreciated value of the dishwasher. Fill in the following for your own information. Keep it. Registration is nota conditionof this warranty. The model and serial number are found on the dishwasher rating plate. Model Number:. Serial Number: - Date Instaled: - Dealer's Name. Dealer's Address: City State Zip Code Telephone Number: KEEP THIS WARRANTY FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Robert Bosch Corporation Sales Group Attn: Department HPS 2800 South 25th Ave.

Broadview, IL 60153 R031893 13 Page: 14 IMPORTANTES INDICATIONS SUR LA SI CURITI AVIS - Lorsque vous faites fonctionner le lave - vaisselle, prenez toutes les precautions de base pour reduire les risques d'incendie ou de chocs electriques et de blessures en suivant les conseils suivants: 1. Lisez - les avant de faire fonctionner le lave - vaisselle. 2. N'utilisez le lave - vaisselle que pour sa propre fonction. 3. N'utilisez que les detergents conseilles pour le lave - vaisselle et gardez - les hors de la portee des enfants. 4. En chargeant le lave - vaisselle: a.Ne montez pas sur le lave - vaisselle. 10. Pour prevenir les blessures, ne laissez pas les enfants jouer dans ou sur le lave - vaisselle. 11. Dans certaines conditions, il se peut que du gaz hydrogene se forme dans le systeme d'eau chaude s'il n'a pas servi pour deux semaines ou plus. Ce gaz est explosif. Dans ce cas, faites couler I'eau chaude plusieurs minutes avant de faire fonctionner le lave - vaisselle. Le gaz pourra ainsi s'echapper. Pendant ce temps, ne fumez pas et n'allumez pas de feu. 12. Lorsque vous vous debarrassez de l'ancien lave - vaisselle, enlevez la porte. Consultez les instructions d'installation pour tous renseignements. Assurez - vous que la tension du circuit pour le de Bosch; le choix de ceux qui exigent I'excellence en lave - vaisselle correspond a.Faites rincer une charge Voici le mode d'emploi. N'utilisez pas de 1. Consultez la page 7.Consultez la figure 1. 16 Page: 16 a?? LAVAGE leCONOMIQUE ( la serie 4000 seulement ). Pour reprogrammer le lave - vaisselle apres I'arr6t: Ce cycle econo - mique en energie permet de laisser la 1. Appuyez sur 3. Le lave - vaisselle est alors reprogramm6.CHARGEMENT du LAVE - VAISSELLE Assurez - vous que I'eau circulera librement entre tous les articles: Indicateur de niveau a?? Batterie de cuisine, casseroles et po6les, face tour - Figure 4 nee vers le bas dans le panier inferieur. A I'usine, on regle le distributeur dans le panier superieur.

Sur un c6te, un panier au niveau 3 - le moyen.Consultez la figure 7.Les autres detergents produisent trop de mous - quantite de millilitres que chacun contient quand il est se.L'eau qui conti - choisi et de la durete de I'eau.Apres avoir rempli le reservoir de detergent, fermez bien le couvercle d'un bruit sec. Le detergent se libere automatiquement pendant le cycle de lavage. Soulevez le couvercle et net - toyez autour du pivot. Verifiez ta positi - on du TEMOIN du DEROULEMENT du PROGRAMME. On ouvre le couvercle en appuyant sur la pat - et que la vaisselle ne se nettoie pas convenablement, te de retenue.Si votre eau est tres douce, n'utilisez pas trop de de - tergent ou un detergent faible en phosphate. Figure 8 2O Page: 20 REGLAGE DE LA HAUTEUR du PANIER ( la serie 4000 FONCTIONNEMENT seulement ) Apres avoir charge le reservoir de detergent et avant Le panier superieur est reglable. II y a 2 positions.Si un ustensile quelconque a?? On peut installer le panier dans la position bloque ses mouvements, enlevez - le.La lampe temoin s'eteint in - 1. Veuillez noter coulisses. Degagez les rouleaux en poussant les Ioquets vers programme s'allume. Consultez la p. 5. I'exterieur de chaque cete.II est plus facile de remettre le panier quand ils sont en cette position. Quand les roulettes sont remises dans les quer de tomber sur celle du bas. Le partier de coutel - coulisses voulues, fermez les Ioquets en les pous - lerie est muni d'une poignee pour le sortir facilement sant vers I'interieur du lave - vaisselle.Filtres tionnement et laisser refroidir la vaisselle avant de II faut verifier le gros filtre regulierement. Soulevez decharger. S'il y a de gros residus comme des os ou des graines, enlevez - les. En et lacontre - porte. II suffit de parle tuyaud'eausuperieurC. ) tezle brasen lui expliquer le probl6me qui persiste et il essaiera tournantle tuyaudansle senscontrairedes aiguillesd'une montreC.

Les Distributions Amiel Ltee 1645, autoroute Laval ( 440 ouest ) Laval ( Quebec ) H7L 3W3 1 - 800 - 361 - 0799 GPM oDistributingk 8835 Northbro Court Burnaby, BC I V5J 5GI Phone: 1 - 800 - 663 - 8686 Figure 11 3. La cuve en acier inyxodable et la porte. Remplacez le Lampe temoin deche - I'indicateur mar fusible ou fermez le coupe - circuit.Refermez bien la porte et verrouillez - la. Ouvrez le robinet Le cycle n'avance pas d'eau ou verifiez I'entree d'eau. Veri - la cuve fiez le tuyau de vidange et les filtres ( consultez la partie intitulee ENTRETIEN ). Assurez - vous que la vidange d'evier se decharge bien. Si le lave - vaisselle ne vidange pas apres qu'on a installe un broyeur, il est possible qu'on n'ait pas enleve les stabilisateurs du broyeur.Des bruits cliquetants Les ustensiles ne sont pas bien ranges.Conservez - les. L'enregi - strement n'est pas une condition de la presente garantie.

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