Faraday Porteur, an Electric Bike that Makes Sense

This is an oldy, but a goody. The Faraday Porteur is one of the better executed electric bike designs, with a cheesy as fuck Kickstarter video to boot. Complete with hipsters and a skinny tie. I mean, the "Faraday Porterur", that is one of the most hipster-ish names ever. French, pretentious, intellectual wordsmithery, good lord, how much more hipster can it get. In case you don't know, Faraday is named after English scientist Michael Faraday who made significant contributions to our understanding of electricity and electromagnetism. Let's talk about the most important spec on an electric bike, the weight. This puppy is a svelte 39 lbs. As I've said before any electric bike over 50lbs is pointless. Bike a damn moped.

There are two other great things about this bike.  First, the battery design is genius.  They're in the top tubes of the bike, just awesome. Second, all the necessary accessories for city biking are built in. The lights are built into the frame and this thing has got a front rack that would make Pam Anderson jealous. Hope you got a big front rack. That's sounds like the elevator scene in Liar, Liar. But really, I hope you do because I'm putting my artisanal, locally sourced cheese and olive oil from the framers market in it.

Key Stats

Recharge time: 45 minutes
Range: 15 miles of pedal assist
Weight: 39 lbs, lets call it 40.

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