Electric Bikes: Kickstarter Projects and Popular Brands on the Market

For those of you who like the idea of a bike but can also imagine the look on people’s faces when you arrive sweaty, there is a solution: the electric bike.

There are several e-bike options available on Kickstarter (all were completely funded), as well as commercially produced ones. A choice does exist and here is a selection of what you can find out there.

Let’s start with the Kickstarter projects. In alphabetical order:

  1. 5 Minute E-Bike Kit

    This is an interesting project that comes with an adapted tire and a battery pack. Like the name states, you can adapt this wheel to most bikes with a sufficient fork clearance in under five minutes. The battery pack can be mounted on the frame or in the back. It is rechargeable and can go for 20-50 miles on a charge, depending on how fast you’re going.

  2. CMYK Folding Electric Bike
    CMYK 3 Electric Folding Bike This option is both pedal and electric, basically providing a boost for your pedaling needs. With a 200 watt in-hub motor, you can ride for 50 minutes on a charge, which takes 2 hours to fully charge. You can fold it up and take it wherever you go.
  3. Faraday Porteur

    This is an interesting bike because it has a double top tube, which is where the battery pack is stored. It has integrated lights for the front and lights in the back (which are controlled by an ambient light sensor), as well as a rack where you can place items like your groceries or other such parcels. There is a switch on the handlebars to turn the motor on. When you stop pedaling, the motor turns off.

  4. Folding Electric Bike for Commuters

    Looking like a “u” with wheels, this bike is small and compact so that you can take your personal transportation with you on the subway or the bus. It’s got a 250 watt motor with a pedal assist of up to 15 mph and weighs between 20 to 30 lbs, depending on which motor you choose. The folding aspect of it allows the bike to roll folded, like a rolly suitcase and it doesn’t have a chain drivetrain.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more commercial brands of e-bikes.

  1. eZip
    eZip EZ-TRZ-BK eZip EZ-TRZ-BK
    eZip is one of two electric bike companies from Curry Tech. This is the lower end of the spectrum and offers 450 watts of power so that you can 15 mph. Adding another battery pack will increase your range of distance, depending on rider weight. A charge takes about 6-8 hours and they have a regular top tube set up as well as a low-curving one for an easy step-over.
  2. iZip
    iZip E3 Zuma iZip E3 Zuma
    The other bike from Curry Tech, which offers a range of higher end e-bikes. They are a bit pricier and come in a rainbow of colors. You’ve got a 36V, 500 watt motor to power you along with a battery that can be removed for charging off the bike. You can get up to 20 mph and 20-30 miles on a charge, depending on rider weight, pedal time and terrain.
  3. Daymak
    Daymak Arsenal Daymak Arsenal
    Daymak Carbon Fiber Daymak Carbon Fiber
    Daymak Shadow​ Daymak Shadow
    This is a Canadian company whose recent offerings include the Shadow Bike, a completely wireless e-bike that has disc tires. There is also a classic line that includes various options of two and three-wheeled e-bikes. There will also be a carbon fiber model (three spokes in front; five in back) that will soon be released as well. With their top-of-the-line cruising on a 36V battery and a 350 watt motor, you can do a cool 20 mph. There is also a foldable option for more convenience in your biking needs.
  4. EZ Pedaler
    EZ Pedaler F300 EZ Pedaler F300
    EZ Pedaler T350 EZ Pedaler T350 
    This brand has three options: a folder, a regular frame and a low top tube version. There are versions with a 26-inch wheel as well as a 20 incher. The battery is a lithium 36V with a 250-350 watt (depending on which model you purchase) motor, located on the front hub. The throttle is thumb-activated, for easy handling.
  5. Juiced Riders
    Juiced Riders ODK Juiced Riders ODK
    These bikes come in an array of colors and look a bit like they are foldies, given that they have an über-low top tube for easy step-over. The motor is located in the front hub and are paired with disc brakes. The aluminum frame also has an integrated utility rack on the back, which can hold up to 330 lbs of weight. The battery is located under the rack, which you can plug in and recharge.
  6. Pacific Cycles
    iF Reach DC Electric iF Reach DC Electric
    CarryMe DC Electric Bike CarryMe DC Electric Bike
    2Rider Electric Bike 2Rider Electric Bike
    IF Urban Nuvinci DC IF Urban Nuvinci DC
    Pacific Cycles does a whole range of bicycles, from foldies to e-bikes. You want an electric variety? You’ve got it. There are recumbent and foldies. The CarryMe DC has the smallest wheel on any of the aforementioned bikes, with 8-inch wheels. You can average 9 mph and go 15 miles on one charge, which takes about 6 hours. On the Reach DC, you’ve got a 24 volt lithium battery with a 250 watt motor, as well as Shimano Alivio components. The battery pack is set up on the back, right over the back wheel, making the bike look like it has a jet pack.
  7. Pedego
    Pedego Electric Bike Rims Pedego Electric Bike Rims
    Pedego Electric Bike Pedego Electric Bike
    This popular brand has a variety of colors you can choose from, as well as custom build options that you can take advantage of. Choice can vary from frame color, tire colors and materials and even rim color. Choose from cruisers, regular top tube bikes, low step-through options and even a tandem. There are even 24- and 26-inch options for wheels. Top speed is 20 mph and you can get about 20-30 miles out of one charge, depending on how you ride. You can choose between a 36 volt, 10 amp lithium battery or a 36 volt, 15 amp battery. The motor is a 500 watt hub option and rides quietly.