Measuring for Correct Saddle Width

This simple instructional video will show you how to measure the width of your sit bones at home so that you can find the right saddle width for you. A saddle that is too narrow can cause pressure on sensitive areas while a saddle that is too wide will cause uncomfortable rub. Finding a saddle that is the proper width can alleviate these painful problems but it is only a start. Watch the second video in this series, discussing how to find the right saddle shape, and you'll have all the know-how you need to finally find the most comfortable saddle for you. Be sure to check out our wide selection of available saddle widths and shapes at Art's Cyclery!

Step 1: Gather the proper materials. You will need chalk or crayons, a tape measure and a piece of corrugated cardboard.

Run Chalk Over Cardboard After Sitting

Step 2: Place the piece of cardboard on a bench and sit down on the cardboard with your feet elevated to mimic your riding position.

Step 3: Stand up and use the flat side of a piece of chalk or crayon to color in the cardboard. The depressions made by your sit bones will be visible against the colored surface.

Step 4: Measure the distance between the centers of the two depressions left in the cardboard in millimeters.


Step 5: Take that measurement and add 25-30mm to find your ideal saddle width.