Top 5 Inexpensive Mountain Bike Christmas Gifts

Top 5 Mountain Bike Christmas Gifts:

1- GoPro Hero- the GoPro has become eponymous in the world of wearable camera technology. As of 2014, you can now buy a GoPro without breaking the bank. Whatever you choose to do with it, the basic GoPro is available now with everything you need for sharing whatever it is you want.

2- Hope 40T-Rex- If you’re not familiar with running a 1x group set, it’s basically a way of eliminating your front derailleur. The problem is you either need strong legs or a wide range of cogs on your cassette to make it up the steepest climbs. British CMC artists, Hope, have made this ratio expander out of a single block of aluminum. Now, just remove one of your cassette sprockets and put on this 40T ring. Now you have a cassette more geared for a 1x set-up.

Hope T-Rex 40 tooth Cassette Ring

3- Google Chromecast- Plugs into your TV’s hdmi output. With a wifi connection and the right mobile app, you can send numerous online channels direct to the TV.

4- Charge Spoon Saddle- This isn’t a particularly new saddle, but it is available in a ton of colors. If you don’t like what is offered, you can use Charge’s custom saddle builder to configure the perfect accessory. You can even share your creation via social media to drop a hint for someone else to get.

Customizable Charge Spoon Saddle

ODI AG1 Grips- once you’ve found the perfect saddle, get the drips to match.

Aaron Gwin Designed ODI Grips

5- Tickets- like to the World Cup downhill events that take place in a small Scottish town in June to watch the world’s best riders on one of the most demanding tracks.