How to Adjust a Shimano Nexus Internal 3 Speed Hub


Today, we’re going to work on internal multi speed hubs. This is the Shimano shifter. It is the Nexus model, which is written on the body. Another way to tell that this is Shimano is that the cable chord goes straight into the adjustment knob, which goes straight into the body of the shifter.

Now, the first thing you want to do is go up to the shifter on the handlebar and put it into second gear, the middle gear. You need two tools: an open end 10 mm wrench and you may also need a pair of pliers.

Tighten Lock Nut with 10 mm Wrench

The first thing you do is loosen the lock nut right up against the body of the shifter. Loosen that and it allows the adjustment knob to be free. Sometimes you will need a wrench to move it. You will see there are two lines in the window of the shifter and there is a piece inside that has a little yellow indicator. You want to line that yellow between the two lines with the adjustment knob. When you get the yellow right between the two lines, go ahead and put the lock nut right up against the body of the shifter, and tighten it with the 10 mm wrench, so that adjustment stays nice and firm.

Adjusted Shifter Top View

Now you’re done. Take it for a ride and make sure it shifts properly.