Mounting of CeramicSpeed with BB30 Bottom Brackets and Tool

CeramicSpeed bearings are hand made in Denmark from the finest quality components and special CeramicSpeed balls. Each part is designed to have the lowest friction possible and the longest lifetime.

Mounting a CeramicSpeed BB30 bottom bracket:

The tools needed are a 10 mm hex key, CeramicSpeed grease, bb30 bearing press, hammer, cloth, knife, and bb30 tool.

Step 1: demount the original crank. The exact procedure for this can vary from brand to brand. Take your 10mm hex key and unscrew the crank on the non-drive side. Remove the crank arm, then remove the washer. Give the axle a gentle tap with the hammer. Remove the chain from the chainring. And then you’ll be able to remove the crankset.

Use 10mm Hex to Remove Cranks

Now take the bb30 tool, insert it through one of the bearings in the shell, and place it against the back side of the opposite bearing. Tap gently on the tool until the bearing comes out. Remove the tool and repeat from the opposite side. Now take a cloth and clean the bottom bracket hole.

Apply Grease to New Bearings

Step 2: mounting the CeramicSpeed BB30 bottom bracket. Take the bearing and fill it with grease. Then clip the bearing seal it to place and mount it on the frame. Take your bearing press tool, place the first bearing on the tool, put the tool through the bearing shell, and place the other bearing on the tool. Now use the tool to press the bearings into place. Make sure the bearings are aligned correctly. Mount the original dust covers, apply mounting paste or grease to the axle, press the axle through the bottom bracket bearings, and spin the crank. Mount the wave washer and put on the pedal arm of the non drive side.

Install New Bearing with Bearing Press