How to Install Fenders on a Bike

I'm here to show you how to install fenders on your bike. It's actually a pretty easy process, you only need a couple tools: 15 mm wrench, 10 mm wrench, 5 mm allen wrench, and 3 mm allen wrench. Make sure when you open the package that you have all the parts.

You'll need to remove the back axle, us your 15 mm wrench to do that: lefty loosey, righty tighty. After you loosen up the back axle, you'll have to take the chain off. The easiest way to do that is lift the chain on top of the front sprocket and gradually turn the wheel. It will naturally just fall off and you can peel it off the back sprocket as well. After you've released the chain, just pull the tire off. It may get stuck a little bit on the brake caliper, but it won't damage it if you just pull.

Now we'll need to remove the back brake caliper with my 5 mm allen wrench, it's pretty simple, you just turn a little bit. Now you have to take your fender and just gradually slide it into place. The first part you need to do is the bottom bracket and then the side supports. If there's paint on your frame, there can be paint on the inside of the wall. Be cautious about that and make sure not to strip the bolts.

Attaching Fender Side Supports

Next you want to put the brake caliper back on. Because there is a fender support, you'll want to remove one of the washers from the brake caliper. Just slide the caliper over & easy, over the fender and a slide it on through. It's a simple process, if I can do it, trust me, you can probably do this as well.

We basically have our fender in place now, but we need to put in the rear tire. Make sure to take the chain and have it on the outside of the sprocket when pressing your tire up.  

After you've installed your tire, put your chain on. Now we have to tighten the chain up by pulling back the axle in the drop out. Make sure that it's aligned nice and centered in the brake caliper and down the back part of the frame.

Put Wheel Back On After Installing Fender

Now we can make some micro adjustments on the back of the fender to adjust the height and the depth that it has against the back tire. Get your 10 mm wrench and you can just manually move them up and down. You'll want to make sure that the back tire is straight in line and that you do not have any rubbing with the fender.

The front tire is virtually the same process. It's a lot easier then the back fender which is why we showed you the back fender first. When reinstalling the front tire, make sure the axle is fully seated in the dropout. 

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, how to install fenders on your bike. You will probably have to do some minor tweaks and modifications. Not all fenders fit bike frames perfectly, so just keep that in mind.